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Spellwork for Sale

This really bothers me. I used to have my site at before moving it to wordpress, and at, you can create web rings. I had a Canadian Pagan webring. I  was more than happy to add sites to my webring, as long as they were Canadian, and Pagan, and did not sell magic spells. It irritated me to no end to stumble across sites from 'witches' offering , for a small (or NOT so small fee as in some cases) fee, to do spellwork on your behalf. A new love, a new job, health etc. Now, I don't know how many readers have ever watched the Secret, but if you have and if you do not know alot about Witchcraft, the Secret is pretty much the non-witches version of magick. You have a goal, and you visualize it, you send that energy out to the Universe/Divine/God/dess or what have you and that energy , in the form of your desire, should manifest. A witches way of doing it is usually a bit more ceremonial and is much more fun, lol..... but the basic concept is

How to Look Good Naked with Gok Wan

I have to say, I love this show. In How to Look Gook Naked, the woman's body is celebrated. The aim of the show is to help the lumpy, bumpy, saggy, soft, dimpled, stretchmarked (enter your own personal complaint here), woman feel beautiful. It involves lots of nudity. Real nudity, in the harsh light of day. Gok Wan does such a great job at making these women realize THEY are the norm, and they are beautiful. He generally works with one specific woman, shows her how to show off her curves, without talking about diet or plastic surgery. But it isn't just about squeezing in, and pushing out with awesome bras , corsetts etc.... nooooo. In the process, the woman bares all, publicly. (usually with some nice heels and a new hair do, hehe).... I always end up shedding a tear. Yeah, I know its aimed to pull on the emotions. But it's something almost everyone can relate to and Gok Wan is such a sweetie, he builds up some needed self esteem and love in women that dislike, or even hate

What is wrong with me?

Seriously...  I had a home visit today with my 14 year old's teachers. They came to the house. He is in an alternate school due to behaviours etc. So anyhoooo, they came over to discuss his progress with me and to give me the run down on his results from his academic testing. My 19 month old was down napping, and little Demetrio seemed in good spirits, YAY, grumpy 12 week olds are not fun. The house was tidy, I managed to get showered, things seemed well.They showed up and I brought them upstairs to the clean living room, all the toys were put away, everything smelled nice. (I am sure they thought I smelled like a hippy, I had been burning incense, but heck, I thought it smelled great). We chatted, my 14 year old was present for the meeting. We discussed his behaviour issues, his issues with interacting appropriately socially etc.... and then my 19 month old woke up from his nap. OMG. He was SOOOOO miserable. Would not stop crying. He wakes up crabby from naps anyhow, but to wake u

What's in a Title?

[gallery] Okay, I couldn't think of a title for my post. I always have a problem with titles. ANYhow.... eoN came over today and we made wreaths for Ostara. I made a lovely pork roast and my super moist banana bread/cake (cream cheese in the batter ooh yum) for dessert. eoN brought eggs and now I have some beautiful Ostara eggs for the altar. (also make good decorations for hanging on trees out in the yard). Oh! And we added to our sabbat tree as well, speaking of trees. Added little blossoms. It was a good day, and now I'm sleepy. Our Society forms should go in at the end of next week. eoN contributed 31.00, and bought some incense today. Im using the money from the incense to go towards the Society as well. Almost all the money we need to get Terra Spirit Pagan Fellowship legal, is in. Im so thankful to those wanting to make this a reality. Our little ritual with hubby, baby and I went well last night and I feel very excited about the season to come.

Typical Equinox Behaviour

The weather is raging violently. Wind is tearing through the trees, & rain is pounding against the house. The past few Ostaras that I can remember were like this. A few years back, we went to a community outdoor Ostara ritual and the weather was so very powerful. Driving rain and winds throughout the ritual and all night. We camped in a tent there and woke in the morning to see so many huge broken branches everywhere. I was surprised that none peirced our flimsy cheap tent! Two of my children have gone to their grandparents, my almost 20 year old is an atheist, so celebration will be limited to my husband, our 19 month old, our 12 week old and myself for today. We are going to try and do a sabbat this evening. Our coven sister will be coming over tomorrow, but day time sabbats do not work so well for us because our 19 month old and altars, just don't jive. Tomorrow we will do some eggs, and maybe work in the garden. I feel like such a bad witch these days. I know it will get ea

Family Ostara

A family Ostara is quite simple really. All the festivities that are associated with Easter are more than appropriate. (minus the ascension) On the family altar, decorated eggs, early spring flowers, anything that represents new growth. Likewise, if you have things that you want to see take off and flourish, representative tokens of these desires should be placed there as well. The days are growing longer than the nights from this point on and will continue to do so until Mid-Summer, at the solstice. This is one reason why it's my favourite time. There is only hope at things to come. No thoughts of long nights and cold days... just anticipation of those lazy summer afternoons, spent in gardens and parks and beaches etc... amongst all the greenery that now is merely a promise. Everywhere around us is evidence of life returning. Lord and Lady are young and vital, full of energy. I think a nice big pork roast with mint sauce and maybe my special banana cake made with cream

New Blog

I am now using for my personal blog. You can find it at Blessings!


Today I am tired. My 14 year old really took it out of me this evening. Not all on his own, I was down on energy as it was and I allowed him to take the last little bit. I spent six hours stirring infused oil for the salves today, with little D in my arms. Rocking, stirring, bouncing, stirring.. nursing, stirring.... running back and forth to the living room to keep an eye on Dante. Oh, and I can't leave out the horrific morning trying to determine why we have paid 200.00 into our 25.00 deductible so far this year for our medical plan and are still not getting reimbursed for my daughter's medications. Phone calls to the plan providers and government and past employers, trying to get it all sorted out. (though I ended up more confused and feeling stupider- yes I know stupider is not a word). Spending time listening to a very slow talking automated voice on the BC Health line drove me to the point of trying to rip my white pages into peices. Alas, the book was too thick. Demetrio



New Salve

Today I had fun with herbs :D I  made a wonderful salve for wounds. (some salves, such as those with comfrey or arnica, can not be used on broken skin). This salve has the healing, antiseptic, anti-fungal, anti-biotical properties of St. John's Wort, Goldenseal, Myrrh,& Plantain. Good to have on hand for cuts, scrapes, anything that breaks the skin.The ingredients have properties which disinfect and help heal. Tomorrow's salve is St.John's & Comfrey for bruises, sprains, superficial burns, blisters, (non broken), mild dermatitis. Comfrey is known to draw out inflammation and St.John's is said to work wonderfully on almost all skin troubles. (of course, if you have allergies to these herbs, don't use them) I got the labels made up today.. typed them out one handed while Demetrio fussed and fidgeted. I sure hope they're ok! lol I also had to make up new business cards with the .com addy and new email. I'm so tired. I think I'm going to have a grano

WebStore ~ Terra Spirit Essentials

Well, after much humming and haw-ing and begging of input from fellow Facebookers, I decided to go with my website format at I hope that business picks up a bit. I invested so much money into it, money that I should have put into the family. It was my hope however (and still is) that one day this little eStore will help generate a bit of cashflow.It will help when we move away one day to have a product line to sell. And I truly do enjoy making things! [gallery] I have been with Webs.Com for quite some time, back when they were FreeWebs.Com. I had stumbled across them through Facebook and was looking for a site to promote the idea of a Pagan Community in our area. It was easy and cheap (5.00/mnth to remove ads, free if you have a domain name, which I did). I created my husbands site there as well, his is still there and is quite content. After a time however, as FreeWebs grew, I noticed many glitches when editing and downtime, but as I was used to the site

Saturday Morning

A nice, lazy rainy day. I woke up feeling quite positive and cheery this morning. Perhaps the lack of sleep making me giddy? I really like Saturdays because Friday, although Akashik is home from work, he is busy doing the StupidStore shop, and whatever else needs to be done outside the home. Saturday is a true 'at your own pace' kind of day. Work is still two days away, no rush to get work/school clothes washed... no planning lunches . Akashik can play with Dante all day, allowing me time to enjoy one on one time with our little Demetrio. I planted some Safflowers on Thursday, and our Calendula is growing so nicely in the egg carton on our window sill. The falling rain allows me to sit and daydream about gardening without having to actually DO any of it. lol... I can just plan, and think. I want to grow beans, tomatoes, peas, perhaps zucchini? I want to do mainly container growing to help reduce the chance of the cats using the soil as a litterbox. Our calendula will be in cont

A New Blog

For quite some time now, I've wanted to use, and now here I am. When I first entered the world of blogging, I started with LiveJournal, then moved on to Blogger, then to But I really like the ability to personalize with .org, so after going back to Blogger for a bit for the fun templates, I decided to go with Much thanks to B at QuacktacularMedias for all his help. And to BareMetal for their great service and great prices for .ca domains! I'm not going to awe the general public with my life I am sure, but that's ok. This is just my little not-so-personal place to share, and ramble.

Playgroup Day

Today was the first playgroup day for Terra Spirit Tots n Parents. There were three mums (myself, Pixie and Sheila ), and five children. (im including my 9 week old, even though he did not participate much) We met at about 10 am, and it was a bit tough because I dont think any of us were completely adjusted to the time change, lol.. I know that little D certainly was not amused at being woken up at 9am, as it still felt like 8am and he was up late last night. He does not do well with other kids. I guess it is because I did not know anyone else with children when he was born and it wasnt until recently that I met up with another mom, Sheila, with a child near D's age. And D being 19 months old... well, hes a bit stuck in his ways. He is fine with the parents of the children. He loves them in fact. Likes to sit on their lap and begs them to pick him up. But if their children approach him, he squints one eye almost shut and screws his face up into a little grimace and it seems like

Spring Has Sprung

In spite of the snow that has fallen here and there, Spring is making it's arrival known. Crocuses, primroses, daffodils...buds on the lilac trees, rose and elderberry bushes. The Angelica is coming back,(already quite leafy!) and the valerian. Oh, and we can't forget about the rhubarb! Its red nubs are poking through the soil already too.They get huge! We enjoyed a nice afternoon in the yard today.

My Accomplishments Today

Well,I managed to get the little one down for two little naps today. And I gave my Canadian Pagan Living message boards a facelift. Oh, and I dressed myself. I changed many diapers, did dishes and washed/dried/folded a load of laundry. I am trying to round up some money to incorporate the Pagan Fellowship, a few dollars from a few people, goes along way. We only need 100.00, but it would be nice if those interested could contribute, because then it truly is a group effort. If anyone is interested in what the Society is about, visit Terra Spirit Pagan Fellowship for more information. The new mini crib arrived and our lil guy seems quite comfy in it. Delta Luv portable crib. Its about 28 inches wide and 42 inches long I think? Perfect for the bedroom when baby rooms in with you :D

Terra Spirit Pagan Fellowship

Well, the name was approved! And we have five of us that will be the first board of directors. I think we will be the first legal Pagan group in the Fraser Valley. We kept the name Fraser Valley out of the title because when we incorporate, we want to be able to have the freedom to NOT base ourselves in the Fraser Valley, but be open to a wide variety of areas. Especially if we move out to the Kootenay boarder or one of the Gulf Islands one day. Sheila had mentioned a few weeks ago that when she was reading something that had Terra Spirit in the title, she thought it said Terra Spirit Farms. I had thought it sounded wonderful. Maybe we can buy some land at some point and do some co-farming? Who knows what lies in the future, I just know that we are taking the first steps to doing something very important. I've had that feeling for awhile. When I first started TerraSpirit.Org, I felt that it could be something great. Terra Spirit Pagan Fellowship Our Mission : To unite local pagan

What better way to pass the time...

...when a baby is at your breast twelve hours/day. This darling , cute beautiful baby boy has the amazing ability to screech like a baby dinosaur. (no Im not old enough to know what dinosaur babies sounded like, but I can imagine.) I got very little accomplished round the house yesterday, I managed to make a stew out of the leftover roast, washed some dishes, put my hair in a ponytail, and then planted myself firmly in this chair playing with Blogger themes (thanks Sheila for the link). So happy my husband was home, because he entertained our 18 month old while I sat here and nursed. I should mention that I did alot of rocking, dancing bouncing around the house with him also, but as far as domestic productivity? nope. Well, at least the little one will grow up feeling loved and secure... I just really hope he outgrows his baby dinosaur imitation.


Well, our new little oneis 9 weeks old. Things have been busy. And Ostara is almost here! We are busy trying to get the Fraser Valley Pagan Fellowship up and running, as well as an affiliated Tot'n Parent playgroup. I have also been busy with my eStore, Terra Spirit Essentials. I have been posting mainly on my wordpress blog because I REALLY prefer the tabs in it, makes it easy to create pages etc... but the features here at Blogger are better... *sigh* cant they meet in the middle? lol So I think until I can get uploaded somewhere, I will be using this as my blog, and the categories along the side as pages. I'm hoping to be able to do something nice for Ostara this year, a nice family dinner, a gift for each child or chocolates... We aren't going to be celebrating easter, as we are not Christian, but we certainly will be celebrating the Spring Equinox. Falling on the weekend, it would be nice to be able to do a sabbat, but I'm not sure how that will wo