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No sugar coating

Mostly I just feel like shit. I feel old, tired, ugly, disillusioned, sad and angry. Don't tell me to see a counselor. Just don't. Because there is nothing anyone can say to make anything better. Unless his or her child died. Maybe then we'd have something to talk about. Otherwise no. Yes, I have lots to live for, yes I know she'd want me to keep going. I'm SAD for fuck's sake, not stupid. I want a week off to stay in bed and do nothing. I want a pity party and no one is invited. There is NO right way to deal with this. There is no choice. There is just day, after day of words, and events. Some of those small. Some of those bigger. Games pull me out of it a bit - online interactions with people in virtual landscapes who can't see me make faces at them when they irritate me, or can't see me cry when they trigger me, but who can really make me laugh even though I feel empty inside sometimes. I can log off when it gets to be too much. Church has helped too.

Old computers...

I have this old netbook thingy Eee.... it is running windows 10. Somehow. Wondering about a linux install instead. Kubuntu? Mint or... Read the original post and comment stream on Friendica

Slightly Weird

I know I've remote followed a few people from gnusocial. Like 2 or 3? but I seem to have the feed of all the people I follow on gnusocial,here at Friendica ... and its two way interactive..... same email? same looking person? How do I have these peoples posts in my feed when i didn't atually add them here at Friendica? Read the original post and comment stream on Friendica


Just popping in with a hello! Read the original post and comment stream on Friendica