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A New Face for Terra Spirit

It was time for a revamping of Terra Spirit, and so it was necessary to shut the board down for a bit to get a better idea of where Terra Spirit needed to go. I think that Terra's new direction has been found, and the new forum can be accessed at Celebration of Earth & Spirit Forum. The look of the forum will stay inline with the look of the blog, so its current appearance is not necessary permanent. Also, still trying to work on the categories and such to better reflect the nature of the board. Suggestions are appreciated! :)

The Snow has Fallen

Yep. First snow fall of the year. Funny how up here in the Great White North, snow is not as commonplace as some of our friends from the south might think. Not along the southwest coast anyhow. I bottled ten bottles of mead today. I made some labels for them with my very lacking labelling program. Moon of Akellare Mead. Our coven name. The mead is VERY dry, and is maxed out at the 18% that our Lalvin 1118 allowed. Hopefully, with some aging, it will taste less like mildly flavoured whiskey, and more like the honey/berry wine it should. (though I AM a big fan of whiskey, so that's okay too) I had the reverend from Carman United Church over for tea. She's really nice. Being the eclectic Witch/Gnostic that I am, I decided that until I can get some people interested in an AJC ( Apostolic Johannite Church ) out this way, that I want to attend church. Not just any church, but one that can allow me the comfort of connecting with God in my own way. The United Church of Canada recently

Winter in the Garden

Well, make sure you've got your bulbs planted! Generally up to the end of December is dandy, but after that, it may be pushing it a bit  Also, consider putting out some food for the birds. Most seed heads and fruit have disappeared now, and all those tough little feathered ones who stick around these parts through the winter need a hand! If you haven't done so yet, you'll want to rake out any leaves from trees that are prone to fungal leaf problems and dispose of them in the city green waste. Alternatively, other remaining leaves are good to leave in the garden to be broken down naturally and then turned into the soil in spring. Flowers! Even though we're in the middle of winter, there are still plants making flowers. Often they are a bit inconspicuous, so you need to keep and eye out. Some of these include Hellebours (or winter rose) and the 'Dawn' viburnum (Viburnum x bodnatnese "Dawn")- it blooms off and on from November through February. Most other

About TerraSpirit.Ca

If you found this blog by typing in TerraSpirit.Ca, I apologize. If you are/were a member of Terra Spirit, and did not receive an email update, I'll share here as well. Although I love TerraSpirit dearly, it has SLOWED to a crawl. The past few months have been the same. I think alot of it has to do with the fact that Social Networking sites are becoming more popular, and people use things like Facebook as a way to stay in touch.I had thought of moving terraspirit to a Facebook group, but it isnt very customizable, and not everyone wants to share their real names. If you are Canadian and Pagan/Wiccan, is a fantastic site. I can't recommend it enough. For myself, I can not really identify myself as Pagan anymore. And although I am quite interested in magic, it is more from a Hermetic angle. As of late I am also very interested in Gnosticism and am immersing myself in Gnostic Gospels. I love the earth, and I see the earth as a reflection of my inner self throug

My Postage Stamp Yard

Just when I think I've adjusted to the fact that we will be living here a little while yet, I look out at my yard and begin itching to leave. It's not EVEN that it is just so darn small, it is mostly the fact that the neighbouring houses stare down into it. We have planted a row of emerald cedars, but even if they live (I dont have the greenest thumb), it will take time for them to block out the surrounding homes. Patience patience...I know that in a few years we can move. Something smaller, but bigger yard. I loved the time I spent at my grandmas house growing up. She lived on Zero Avenue. Right in between the two border crossings. She had two acres. I loved all the little old houses along the road. Small but cozy. Comforting. Outside was spacious, with things growing everywhere. A little garden close to the house with things that were quickly accessible. Different gourds, broccoli and cauliflower etc. There was a greenhouse next to the small garden which had a few cucumbers i