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Crazy World

So much craziness. I often wonder what it would be like to be internet-less. Shut down my online store, place an away email reply message , plug the actual house phone in, (I always unplug it and then forget about it.) and take a hiatus. The internet super-highway. All the information you will ever want it seems, and much more than you ever need. (kind of like Wal-Mart) It makes it harder to remain mindful, to remain connected to spirit and disconnected from the material world when checking email and facebook activity multiple times per day. I’m not saying that the material world is bad. It has its place most definitely. I see nature around me and the changing seasons as a reflection of my inner self. I’m not the kind of Witch that worships God and Goddess so-and-so, and who has visions of celtic divas in long gowns dancing the dance of fertility with her horned god. I mean, I use imagery like that as personifications of aspects of me. Not as separate deities. The elements all

Mead Making!

Well, we had been wanting to make a batch of mead for awhile. Hubby, and Shannon and myself had made a batch a few years back, but had retained very little of the actual instructions, as much of it was done for us, by a great mead maker that we know. We were to watch, take notes etc., but alas... the notes are long gone, and so we really had almost no idea what to do. We borrowed information from a few sources. has a download section with great Mead information, so armed with that and a few other sources, we began. (Click on any of the pictures below to see them full-size) First off was the honey. Although I would have loved to buy some fancy local honey from our local Bee Keepers (hey, out here in the Fraser Valley, we have some of the finest honey! Definitely check out Chilliwack River Valley Natural Honey ), but alas, for the 6 kg that we needed to buy, we had to go cheap and bought no-name natural unpasteurized liquid honey from Superstore. However, I DID purchase some

Doesn't get much better!

I just can't get enough of this weather. It downpoured on Saturday and with that onslaught of moisture came a beautiful display of lightening. Whatever flashes of light were missed were still proclaimed loudly by the thunder. All in all, a beautiful dance by nature, for sure! Then yesterday, we decided to take a drive out to Hope. It's a tiny town just north-east of here. We have been thinking lately of relocating there. I do believe that many family and friends think we are nuts. But I think sanity is a bit speculative!  For me, insanity is the confusing chaos of the bigger cities. So many people, and so much energy just buzzing about. Not all of it, (or even most of it) positive. At least not for me.

What a beautiful time of year...

The weather is perfect. Sunny and cooler but not cold. Long sleeve weather perhaps, but not jacket weather yet.