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Blessings and Animals

In observing different Medicine Wheels, Pagan Wheels of the Year, and other such symbols, it's just amazing how many similarities there are. Blessings In reference to our wheel, pictured to the right, one can see the four bars of colour. Yellow, Blue, Black and Red. I call these these our blessings. Air/Yellow represents the gift of warming air. This is the time of spring, sowing and planting, new life beginning, so one would be likely to easily attribute this season to Earth, however it is the warming air that brings about the warming of the soil and the return of visible life. Water/Blue represents the gift of water. On our wheel it is the time of Summer, South, and so it is this cool refreshing blessing of water that sustains us and all living things during the Summer heat. Earth/Black represents the gift of our Earth. Although it seems as though this time of year the earth is doing very little, it is in fact at this time, the Harvest Time of Autumn that the soil rece

Rekindling the Eternal Sun

I have been a part of the Pagan community for about six years now. A mere drop in the hat compared to many, but they have been formative years indeed. The past year has led to my ordination as a Minister within the Universalist Gnostic Communion, and my study is still continuing and most likely will for the rest of my life. My interest and practice in Gardnerian Witchcraft led me to investigate Gnosticism. This is still a big love of mine, although the term Gnostic as some scholars may understand it, does not really fit me. I seek Gnosis yes. I am searching for that intimate knowledge of the Divine, yes. If those two things alone are criteria in someone's eyes, then I am indeed a Gnostic. During my study of Gnosticism, along with the traditional texts one would expect to find within that 'system', I came across the Gospel of Thomas. It was this text that really opened my eyes. Gospel of Thomas is much like Tarot. It really does bring forth that which is within you.

Circle of the Eternal Sun

Our group has been revived. After a year long break in which we have all been pursuing different projects and treading some different paths, we have come together to rebuild our circle. We each had things that were not resonating properly with us within the structure and correspondences of our previous coven framework. However we had kept with it over the last year or so because it was how we were trained within the Gardnerian Tradition. Quite eclectic but blooming nicely. We still have some things that need to be rewritten and touched up. It is basically a Neopagan/Panentheistic/Kabbalistic approach. The focus is on the indwelling essence of Divinity within the elements here in this realm and within ourselves. It is about reuniting the sparks within. The Circle of the Eternal Sun

Celebration of Light

Last night we celebrated the return of the light. It was subtle, but nice. Slowly we are making the transition back to a more religion neutral version of celebrating the holidays. When we lived in the Vancouver area, it was easier, as there were lots of pagan folk milling about, lots of celebration invites, and discussing solstice was commonplace amongst friends. Where we have moved to it's not so very acceptable and over the past few years we really fell out of sync with the rythm of the earth. Since my realization of the Divinity of the One within the earth and elements, I realized I had gone too far in the opposite direction and had been neglecting the Shekinah, or Gaia, or the Great Mother. I had forgotten that God's Divinity lay within her, and all around me, and I just had not seen it. So, this year, Christmas took on a weird feeling. It had a frustrating quality. I felt as though I was being guilted to celebrate it via media displays of nostalgic images, and pres

Virtual Worlds

I've been spending time in Second Life lately. I was on there quite regularly a few years back, but my little laptop at the time couldn't handle it. My new laptop isn't LOTS better, but it allows me to run SL on low graphics as long as there aren't too many other things going on at the same time. One thing I like is the ability to 'travel' and see places. I'm not a role player, I don't go there to pretend to be someone else, though I know that's why lots of people do go. Drumming in my drum circle on my Serenity Beach property I love this little Parcel at Barbados Beach I'm a resident at Solace Beach Estates on one of their sims Barbados Island. They have many other great places too, like Serenity Beach.  I was staying there also, it is a lovely wooded area. Looking at my Asian chair (not sure why) in my place at Serenity Beach  However it wasn't really a community type place, so I wandered about and found this wonderful Sim c