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Spring is Springing

Winter was quite tame here this year, though in Western Canada, that in itself is nothing new. The days got shorter, the nights grew longer and it was definitely cold - even snowed a bit. Nothing like out East however. Regardless, the excitement of the first crocuses never fails to thrill me. Even better, is that a few months ago we tore our large, mainly unused shed down, leaving us lots of new space in our wee yard. We also had a long row of tall ungainly, splitting, space-hogging cedar hedges taken out. It feels so different. I didn't realize how hemmed in I had felt. At one point I really liked the tall hedges and closed in space because I did't know my neighbours well and really tend to keep to myself in my non-social moods. When I am forced into a social situation - like at the school, picking up the kids - I do smashingly and most friends tell me that I don't at all seem anti-social. Indeed I am a chatterbox, silly, funny or empathetic - depending on what th