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End of May

Well,that took me quite a bit of time to come up with a blog title. I always try to think of something catchy and interesting... I'm not always successful. It's 7am on Saturday morning. The rain is drizzling. But it's a nice morning. I couldn't sleep. I think I'll read for a bit. Some nice books arrived via Chapters yesterday. My Gnostic Book of Hours that I had been meaning to get for quite some time, and Cynthia Bourgeault's Centering Prayer book. I really like the way she describes the Centering Prayer. I've been wanting to apply myself to that practice of deeper silence , but my brain has resisted and my chatty little ego has found ways to deter me. THIS time I'm winning! :) I often get so many thoughts and ideas in my mind. Some of them are great and are worthy of dedicating time to...others seem to lose my interest once I actually start applying myself to them. I AM going to learn how to quieten myself. Rather than wanting to start twenty projects


It's sort of how I feel. My online presence is small, yet I don't want to shut it down. BUT I feel like it's an addiction. I love I have no desire to let that go. But facebook and the other things I'm on. It's frustrating because there are some people that I'm only able to stay in touch with because of facebook. I'm tired of it. I like seeing their updates, and their informative links etc... but I'm tired of it. I'm tired of settling for that sort of interaction. Granted, there are few Gnostics out here, but I can interact with these same lovely peeps on SPiralInward. (though today I accidentally deleted the main page. Oops. Forum still works well though, lol) And this site. Though the forums here are dead, the blog itself contains many old posts and it's staying. And the forum? Sure.... you never know when people might stumble across it, wanting a nice comfortable place to talk about their spirituality and connecting with

In the Wind

In the beginning I was in the center of the One who loved me. Then my birth brought me into a world of wonder. As a child, I loved to play. So, as many good children do… I pushed limits and wanted to do things my own way. I did not want to come in when I was called. I played, I got dirty. I got lost . I travelled aimlessly. Time passed, and I was frightened. I thought I could hear my name being called… but it was faint and I wasn’t sure where it was coming from. So I wandered about. Places would look familiar and then I would realize that rather than a familiarity because I was going in the right direction, the sameness was because I was going in circles. After some time, I found comfort in my circling. I even bedded down and called it home. I was tired of looking for my way back, and in all honesty… by that time, I was beginning to forget what home was. I adjusted . I ate. I slept, I even met with others . Life went on. Eventually I was oblivious to my origin. Then, one day, when the

Wonderings & Ramblings

Rocking my youngest child to sleep tonight, holding his hand in mine, I wondered- If I died tomorrow, would he remember me? He is 16 months. What about my two and a half year old? What would he remember? It wasn't really a depressing thought, but it made me realize that with an uncertain future, I can never forget to love with all my heart. Every moment I am able to. My older ones would remember me of course, but even at that... I want to make sure that when my time on this earth is done, I want everyone to know that I loved them with my whole being. Live every day as your last 'they' say. To me, this means making sure people know they are loved. And valued, and important. I was walking home from the store yesterday, one of those rare moments that I was without children to care for. They were all at home, and so was my husband. I've learned when I walk, to allow my questions and analytical thoughts to just float away. Sometimes, when silly things come to the surface, li

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