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The Inward Spiral

Has begun. And I feel good about it. I am satisfied with the way the year played out. My only regret was that I did not spend as much time in the garden as I had hoped, but my time was well spent in other areas. My family has blossomed over the year, and we planted the seed of a new beginning for January :D (#5) I really have no complaints. Some fruit on the trees, herbs in the garden, a family that I love. I am thankful indeed. Thank you to the Lord and Lady for the fruitfulness of the season. Thank you for the bestowal of family and love. Thank you for my health and the health of my loved ones. Blessed Be!

It's the Day Before...

our Harvest Home/Mabon celebration. And Im actually pretty excited. The weather has been perfect. Overcast and grey for the past few days but no rain. There is a charge in the air though and it is easy to feel the year drawing to an end. Eonblue will be here, and we will do a ritual followed by a Harvest dinner. We will do it mid day, so that the little guy isnt too tired and cranky. Corn Dolly's are ready for the altar, there are many flowers in the garden to add to the table.... And even though it might be an odd time for new beginnings... I registered a business. Terra Spirit Essentials. It is appropriate however, when you think of the fact that at this time of year, the seeds are falling, and over the next few months of darkness, they will prepare, underground, for the year to come. As with Terra Spirit Essentials. The idea has taken hold, the legalities have been taken care of, and now it is simply the idea taking hold and taking shape. I would ideally like to get the business

Vancouver Pagan Pride Day!

Happy Pagan Pride Day Vancouver!!!! Akashik , and Ceall na Sidhe will be there. Akashik , performing some of his songs from his upcoming cd Long Forgotten, and Ceall na Sidhe and friends selling some of their wares. There will be musical performances by Mojo, and rituals put on. One ritual is for children especially! It should be a great day for all! I will be home with the children, because it is my son's 14th Birthday today. Happy Birthday Anthony!!! Family will be here this afternoon, and when Akashik is done his performance, he will be back home too. Have a fantastic day everyone!

Great Weekend!

We went to Galiano Island for a spur of the moment trip. What a great place. I would REALLY like to move us out there in about five years. There are about 1200 people that live there year round. Akashik and I took our daughter Caitlin, and her friend Miranda, and of course we brought the boys, Anthony and Dante. It was beautiful. Can't wait to go back. We stayed at Eonblue's family cabin. :D, and we saw zillions of stars, and saw so many deer, and HUGE ravens, and we also saw a big vulture on our way to Dionisio Point. I hope things fall into place so that one day we can stay there full time. Ever since we moved away from the coast and further away, we both have realized how much we enjoy being away from the craziness and chaos of the city. We are both quite content to be social recluses, lol.... organic gardening, make it yourself, self sustaining... thats where we want to be.

Letting Go

I have to let go. I have been too angry lately. I have beautiful children. One who has his first full day of University today, one in her first full day of grade ten, and one in his first full day of grade nine.. and of course, little D.. and #5 snug and warm in my belly. The ex has not been paying child support, has not even been having contact with the kids. Is in a very messed up state and in the chaos of that life I have his significant other contacting me, leaving messages, texting me, saying crazy things. Neither of them is emotionally well. Its hard on the kids, because they were promised money for things, money for school, visits etc, and they feel completely abandoned. There is so much more, but I will not sink down to that level and say all the angry things that have been so heavy in my heart lately. No... Ive let them go. I have to. It hurts so much to think that their father does not seem to care as much as I do. And from that hurt came alot of anger. How DARE he not call

September is here...

And oh my, it most certainly feels like Autumn. I love it. To me, Autumn starts on Lughnasahd, the autumn equinox is the 'peak' of autumn... and winter starts at Samhain.... Anyhow, as I walked to the grocery store with my oldest son yesterday evening, I had to pull my jacket a little more tightly around me, the chill in the air was undeniable. And waking up this morning, I was chilly and my nose was a bit runny, lol! Mabon is coming up soon! Hoping we can at the very least put together a pot-luck dinner, and at the very most, a ritual as well. Akashik's aunt and uncle brought us a long baby gate to section off the living room from the rest of upstairs. What a life saver!!! In the one picture, little D is chatting with the cat through the gate, probably asking him how exactly he manages to jump over it, and could he possibly give him a lesson or two.. :D The gate is great also because the stairwell is right next to the living room, and even though we have a well secure top-