Great Weekend!

We went to Galiano Island for a spur of the moment trip.
What a great place. I would REALLY like to move us out there in about five years. There are about 1200 people that live there year round.
Akashik and I took our daughter Caitlin, and her friend Miranda, and of course we brought the boys, Anthony and Dante. It was beautiful. Can't wait to go back.
We stayed at Eonblue's family cabin. :D, and we saw zillions of stars, and saw so many deer, and HUGE ravens, and we also saw a big vulture on our way to Dionisio Point.
I hope things fall into place so that one day we can stay there full time.
Ever since we moved away from the coast and further away, we both have realized how much we enjoy being away from the craziness and chaos of the city. We are both quite content to be social recluses, lol.... organic gardening, make it yourself, self sustaining... thats where we want to be.


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