Boring Post

But a post nontheless. Blogging is a good way to keep track of time and events in my life, especially because I have a bad memory. 

So, let's see.... my son is selling e-cigarettes (one of my older sons), I bought my 3.5 year old new Thomas Train  boots. My 2 year old was jealous, but he has some prett awesome Lightening Mc Queen boots, so I just cleaned and buffed his up a bit, and now he thinks they're new too :D.

My dad and grandparents came over yesterday... oh! and hubby and I had some wine to celebrate High Spring. We watched The Dark Knight ,because believe it or not, we hadn't watched it yet. I really liked it. 

Dying my hair today, the greys are taking over.... hm. What else? 

Found an awesome place on SL in a region that is part of the Eternity Sims. 50L per week. Tiny place, but the area is beautiful, the cabin is well done, and it has a day/night set that switches places with the touch of a button. I love the peeps in Eternity. Hopefully I will start in the Clerics Guild soon. I passed my quests :D


Okay, that's all for now. 


  1. lol at the shiny "new" boots.
    My ds2 ran up to nursery teacher to show her his "new" shoes. She says "Sweetie, those look like old shoes."
    I say, through gritted teeth, "New to him, Mrs Inglis. He has a big brother, remember...?" At least she had the grace to be mortified.
    And they don't look all THAT old...
    Dark Knight was good but don't you think Maggie Gyllenhal was WAY too sensual (sensuous?) to play the goody-two-shoes character?
    PS What are e-cigarettes?!


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