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A Different Twist on an Old Prayer

O creative Breath, ebbing and flowing through all forms, Free us from all constrictions, so that the current of thy life may move in us without hindrance. Empower us with thy creativity, and clothe us with royal dignity, So that, fully at one with the vortex of thy desire, sacred actions pour forth from us with each breath we release. Renew in us this day our lifebreath, vigour, and passion, And untie the tangled threads of destiny which bind us, as we release others from the entanglement of past mistakes. Do not let us lose ourselves in distraction, but by the way of the breath, lead us into mindfulness. For from thy depths pour forth the Way, the Life, and the Splendour, from age to age, it is so. Ameyn. As rendered by Mark Hathaway ( ) based on the work of Neil Douglas-Klotz ( - Prayers of the Cosmos , Harper & Row, 1990). May be reproduced in whole or in part if this citation is included.

Happy Earth Day!

I feel badly. Typing this from indoors when I feel like I should be outside. Outside where the Daffodils have stepped down to allow the Tulips their place in the limelight. Outside where the chocolate mint has begun its aromatic entrance,  popping up through the soil in places I didn't see it last year. Lilac shoots, blueberry buds, apple and quince blossoms... But Dante is napping, so Im lazing about , nursing Demetrio and having some quality comp time. One damper on our outdoors fun however, is the wasp problem. WHY are there so many? Husband destroys nets, with them in it, next day more wasps are rebuilding a few inches over. They love our yard, and they love building nests all around our shed/greenhouse. Seems to be an ever losing battle. Our yard is small, so when the wasps are out, enjoying the outdoors is nearly impossible. On cooler days and evenings, when the wasps arent bothersome, it's just the mosquitos. Crazy bastards. Luckily we don't have to worry much about

Just a Blog Post

Well, things have been what they usually are for the most part. Today was one of those days that made me want to pull my hair out, (not a good idea, seeing as how I'm going through post partum hair loss right now). We buried Ziggy under our Heavenly Bamboo. We received little Goku back. (we gave him away because Ziggy wouldn't stop bullying him). All is calm in the animal category of my life. Dante has been sick and wow... miserable as heck. And clingy. That does not work well with 16 week old Demetrio whom also wants to be held all the time. The past few days, everything has been a challenge... cleaning, meal prep, dressing myself. One of the two babies is always crying. Making dinner consisted of Dante screaming and throwing toys around in the living room , and me pushing Demetrio back and forth in the stroller, with my foot, in the kitchen, trying to cook, while he screamed desperately. Demetrio gets sooooo upset when Dante has temper tantrums. I didnt make it out of my trac

R.I.P Ziggy

It's kind of strange. I'd been so mad at him lately. Ziggy was a funny cat. Mr. Tough Guy... he would bully our little tabby around mercilessly. Twice our little tabby, Goku, required vet attention for abscesses as a result of the brawls. Goku never won them. It got to the point where Goku spent any inside time hiding in my daughter's room. Outside he was safe, because Ziggy, as tough as he was INSIDE the house, was a nervous wreck outside. He HATED outside. Every once in awhile, he would go out the open patio door on a nice day,but if he saw the door was about to close, he'd run for his dear life back to the door. If by chance he did not notice the door closing, and inadvertently got locked out, WOW. A total freak out session would ensue with him scrambling futilely against the glass... trying to claw his way through the glass sliding door. It was a wee bit funny to watch. Ziggy never bothered our orange cat Harley. Nope. If Ziggy ever got on Harley's nerves, the h