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Elderberry Elixir

My youngest son has asthma, or sensitive airways, or some such thing such as that. Hard to say at his age exactly what it is, but for now it is treated as asthma. When he gets a cold, it is especially difficult for him. Well, he has had a particularly rough summer with his bouts of breathing distress, and so when he suddenly got a cold on top of it, I knew I wanted to find extra assistance. The puffer helps with the asthma attacks but I wanted to find something that could help the spasms from a different angle So I decided to hit up the vitamin store to seek out something with Drosera (sundew) in it and perhaps Thyme . I found a homeopathic cough syrup with Drosera in it along with Dock and a few other things. It was only for infants-3yrs old. He is five, but a small five. I figured it would have to do, I saw some dried elderberries on the shelf as well and decided I would make some elixer. So, back at home I got out the Thyme - which is supposed to help quite a bit with asthma by

My Most Favourite Goat Video Clip Ever

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The summer has been odd. I've not spent the time outside that I normally have. We went away to the island, and that was fantastic, but then we got back here and I fell into my same old habits of internet addiction. The sad thing is, I'm not even focused. Started a course in Kemeticism and I am 6 assignments behind. I've gained more weight. I have so many ideas about different things and nothing gets complete. Then I feel  like a failure. My perception is so easily skewed. Part of me wants to accept that it is simply the way I am, and accept, and love myself regardless. The other part of me thinks that's a huge fucking cop-out. I feel this constant irritation or tug. This vague vastness that is trying to pull me out of the chaos and bring me home. I don't know what it is though, so it just pricks and prods at me. I need to get back into my spiritual practice - but try as I might, 'little me' has other ideas. Wanting to play games, browse online endle