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How to Sell Salve...

Well, me being ME, I did not really realize all of the particulars in selling things from my store. I assumed that as long as I listed ingredients and added a disclaimer, that all would be fine. However, upon visiting the great forums at New Directions Aromatics (one of the best places to get Canadian supplies for soap/salve/candle making), I came across a post regarding Health Canada's rules when selling these sorts of things. I can not claim or mention any sort of healing properties when marketing my salves, or they are considered over-the-counter pharmaceuticals. Nice. So, what to do? How do I explain the great healing properties of St. John's Wort, Comfrey, Plantain, Goldenseal, Calendula etc without mentioning some of the benefits? So, now I have to re-do a lot at the online store, including re-figuring some names of the salves. No more anti-itch, or wound healing, or 'healing' at all. Brighter note, I eased my misery by buying some new things for my soaps. Dragonf


You know, those days when you wake up... happy, intent on making the most of your day, then it all goes to shit? So, it started well enough. Dante was still snoozing, so Demetrio and I were having some nice quiet time together this morning. I lit some incense on my altar, and said a prayer to the Divine to help me with my patience and to help me to be mindful. Then Dante awoke, just as Demetrio nodded off, so I took Dante upstairs to the kitchen for breakfast. It was nice and quiet... until Anthony came in. An argument ensued because he missed his bus. He had slept in again, and instead of rushing out to get the bus, he was fiddling with his hair, using the straightener etc. I told him he was an idiot. Yes, kind words from a mother to a child. However, this is a chronic issue, and when he misses his bus, he misses school, because I have no other way of getting him there. It is a two hour walk, and he only goes until after lunch as it is. He swore, said something quite volatile, then p