How to Sell Salve...

Well, me being ME, I did not really realize all of the particulars in selling things from my store. I assumed that as long as I listed ingredients and added a disclaimer, that all would be fine. However, upon visiting the great forums at New Directions Aromatics (one of the best places to get Canadian supplies for soap/salve/candle making), I came across a post regarding Health Canada's rules when selling these sorts of things. I can not claim or mention any sort of healing properties when marketing my salves, or they are considered over-the-counter pharmaceuticals.
So, what to do? How do I explain the great healing properties of St. John's Wort, Comfrey, Plantain, Goldenseal, Calendula etc without mentioning some of the benefits?

So, now I have to re-do a lot at the online store, including re-figuring some names of the salves. No more anti-itch, or wound healing, or 'healing' at all.

Brighter note, I eased my misery by buying some new things for my soaps. Dragonfly mini molds , goatsmilk m&p base, and olive oil base, from New Directions Aromatics, and Sun & Moon mini molds four coloured dyes, and a Goddess (Venus of Willendorf) mold from Aquarius Aromatherapy & Soap Inc. in Mission.

I also am getting some candle kits for noobs hopefully, for my birthday. One is a soy candle kit from ( ) and one is a rolled beeswax kit from (

The garden is doing well. Beans are all flowering, the peas have podded, the squash is spreading out nicely. In the greenhouse my tomatoes and peppers are are doing great!!!

I guess all in all, its a pretty nice summer.
We went to a bbq two nights ago at a fellow worker of Akashik's. It was quite nice. We had a good time :) The kids were great! Dante had a blast blabbing at all the grown ups - after the other kids had left. Demetrio was his usual smiley silly self.
Speaking of which, he is awakening from his nap, so I've gotta go!



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