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Pregnant Again

Well, who would have guessed? LOL I guess 2008 has been a fruitful year. This little one is due January 12th. First prenatal exam tomorrow. I had an u/s done last week, and so far so good. So we will keep our fingers crossed. Im feeling tired, but thats about it. I want to host a Litha Sabbat, but we shall see how that comes out. Still need to find an appropriate place. :) We have a lot of new things growing in the garden. Corkscrew Hazel, cut leaf Alder, some pampas grasses... d/h has been a busy guy out there this year!

My Garden

My Store

For quality soaps, home made salves, Surya & Swagat Incense, Beeswax Candles and tumbled stones with personal pouches, check out my new store, Terra Spirit Essentials. I’m having alot of fun making different soaps, SLS free, Goatsmilk, and Glycerine, with some great herbs and essential oils. Earthy Delights, with ground cinnamon and lavender essential oils, with some rosemary, Patchouli & Sweet Orange, done in a goatsmilk base with patchouli and sweet orange essential oil as well as ground patchouli leaf, Honey & Oatmeal is one of my favourites. Good for dry skin AND acne, go figure, lol. I am making massage oils too… Garden Rain, Spice of Life, Patchouli Garden. All the prices include shipping, but if there is a combination of different items, then email me at the site so that I can cut down the shipping costs to you. .gallery { margin: auto; } .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 33%; } .galler