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Screamy and Shrieky

Well, when Demetrio screams, (80% of his waking hours), Dante shrieks. The day goes something like this: 17 month old Dante wakes up at about 7:15, I get up to go make him his morning bottle. He still has three a day, never to go to sleep and never during the night... As I walk into the kitchen to make his bottle, I hear Demetrio begin to squawk in protest at being alone in the King Sized bed... squawks turn into screams. I get my teenage son to pick up Dante from his crib before he has to take off for the school bus and bring him out to the living room because I still have a few more post c-section weeks to go before I am allowed to pick up 30lb Dante. Once Dante is established behind the long baby gate in the living room-put there to assist him in staying away from our laminate covered stairs that go down to ceramic tile below, and out of the kitchen, away from the dog etc. etc., I go get Demetrio. Demetrio is growing well, and it's no wonder, as all he does is eat. If Demetrio i

One Week Old

I am a mom of five now. Wow. It still amazes me. My oldest is 19 and starting his second term at University, but lives at home with us, my youngest is one week old. My daughter will be 16 on the 12th of January, Anthony is 14, and little Dante is approaching 17 months old. A full house indeed. ok... some Demetrio pictures: [gallery]

Welcome to the World Demetrio Belasko!

Born into this world on December 29th, 2008 at 11:33am. Weighing 8lbs 1oz. (only 7lbs 5.5oz upon his discharge yesterday however). He was born by c-section and amazingly I feel pretty good. Little Dante is not at all happy however. And I was so sad... I looked so forward to comming home to see him yesterday.. all I thought of was him and cried each day because I am silly like that. I was so worried that he would not understand why I was gone. So I came home yesterday and Dante did not care to see me at all. In fact, he looked at me.. then turned his head away and drank his afternoon bottle. (but not after taking a moment to pause and glare at his new baby brother).. Im sure it will get better. I hope so anyhow. Demetrio means "to love the earth" in Spanish and Belasko means "little raven" in Basque. Thats all for now, little one is squeaking away... I will put up some pictures a bit later.