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Beltaine is Approaching

Beltaine Wreaths! What a nice, easy and effective way to bring the full feel of Beltaine into your home.. Beltaine wreaths. A nice craft for children too. Some thick woody looking floral wire, some silk flowers. some little birds or butterflies (fake ones from the craft store of course, lol.. REAL ones don't take kindly to being glued onto a wreath :D) Just double the floral wire and wrap it 'round your head, keeping in mind to leave a wee bit of space for the flowers, leaves etc... You can hang them on doorknobs, hang them on the wall, and then on Beltaine, wear them on your head! When I find some batteries for my camera, I will put up some pictures. The house imps seem to have hid them on me. (house imps, aka: teenagers) If you are having an adult get together, nothing says fun like yoni and phallus shaped  cookies.Great to serve in lieu of alter cakes. Tulips are in abundance at my house right now, with alot of the credit of that going to the darling dutch c

And so the Wheel Turns

And as quickly as Ostara comes and goes, Beltaine kicks up it's heels. At one time, signifying the beginning of Summer (a sentiment I share ), Beltaine is one of the great Fire Festivals. As the Sun God increases in strength, we sympathize with this by baking sun cookies, and jumping fires (or cauldrons if having a backyard fire is out of the question), we gather flowers and celebrate the blossoming beautiful Mother Earth, and her union with the God. Their consummation ensures our bountiful harvest in a few months from now. I went for a walk up to the store a few nights ago, with my youngest two - my 13 year old and my eight month old. On our way home, (it was just after 8pm) I was struck by the beautiful chorus of birds... many different kinds. All saying goodnight as the Sun said his fairwell for the day. The sound of crickets, a frog somewhere not too far away, but out of sight... what a truly beautiful evening. Walking the beauty way. Every step is a sacred step.