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No, I've not abandoned it

This blog I mean. I just don't feel like I have a lot to say. Some days are alright, some are horrible. Some days I go through the whole day without that sinking feeling, then other days (like yesterday) it suddenly hits me so hard I want to vomit. I miss her. It's cold and icy. I'm not living healthily. Oh, I found something that I'm kind of excited about. Ball-Jointed Dolls. An expensive hobby, but you know, if I'm not buying liquor and cigarettes that makes a  huge difference. These are the two dolls I'm hoping to get in the next two months. Both are from Doll Leaves. Nina : and Jeremy: They will not have the outfits/wigs etc as shown - its a process to get them how I want them to be, but I'm excited about it. Also, as I still hate Facebook (but love that my daughter's legacy page is there as well as a few people I can't talk to elsewhere) I was glad that s