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Sharing a post I wrote on facebook

I've seen so many posts/meme's from people who are aching to kick 2016 out the door and bring in 2017.  Mostly due to celebrity deaths. Deaths of people that were known by the vast majority only for their outward presentation and not for who they really were. But anyhow -- this was what I wrote: 2016 wasn't a bad year to me. Most of it was great. I had all my children here with me. My oldest was back from Japan for the first few months of it. He came home in May of 2015 and was here til April 2016. My youngest of the three older ones made lots of positive changes in his life and started moving forward on the right path. A path he walked even though none of his friends did. And my beautiful daughter was alive. No - for me, 2016 wasn't the worst year. Yes, Caitlin 's body failed (for reasons we aren't sure of yet) and her essence left it. Yes this crushed me and has changed me forever - in some ways I do

Two Months Tomorrow

Tomorrow will be December 7th. Three months since she died. Not only do Fridays in general sit in my memory as 'The Friday the police officer told me my daughter had passed away that afternoon', but now there is also the 7th of each month that stands out for me. And of course there is now her Death Date along with her Birth Date. Those two days that changed me forever. Do I say that too much? Am I repeating myself now? I read yesterday about an adorable little 3 year old boy beaten so badly by his mother's boyfriend that he died. It hurts so much to read those things. It always has. Thinking about their fear, their pain. Poor sweet little innocent child - full of terror. And then I think of Caitlin dying so (apparently) peacefully and I think... 'Well, at least it probably didn't hurt her a lot to die, at least she was (probably) sleeping at the time'. It is so amazing to think that my pain at losing her is probably so much smaller than that of a parent who'

Tree time

It's up, not decorated - though the lights are on it (but not turned on) And two little thingies for my daughter. Read the original post and comment stream on Friendica This - spot on. :(