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This article is one of the saddest, most revolting things I've read. A friend sent me the newslink and I have been crying ever since. My love and prayers go out to that little boy that he may find his way into the arms of the Great Mother. Rest in Peace, you poor, poor little baby. News Article

Home Alarm Systems

Who has a home security system? I am thinking of getting one for the house, though I have a great fear of horribly LOUD things, and I KNOW that with a houseful of kids, it will get set off constantly... but I still think it might be a good idea. I'm not afraid so much of someone breaking in when I'm not home, but I worry more about when I am home alone with the little ones. We had a sales guy from APX come by. After he left, (and NO I did not allow them to install a system in my home - though he had a tech on hand and was REALLY eager to do so) I researched them and saw that they have very bad reviews. However, it got me thinking, and I called around to a few different places. I called Columbia Security, ADT, Brinks, and VoxCom, (now Reliance Protectron). They offered me ten contacts for doors and windows - no motion detectors please, NOT with cats and dog, and kids wandering around all night- three key ring type thingies, keypad and brain thingy , for under 40.00/month. No ins

Do they have bibs for moms?

Seriously. Sometimes it's Demetrio enjoying some cereal or veggies and then getting his hands into his mouth, (and all over me), and other times it's Dante deciding he doesnt like what's in his dish and smacking it off his high-chair tray, and all over me. Either way, I need protective covering. Aprons don't cut it, they leave too much of the neck area exposed. *sigh* Maybe i'll go check out the baby section for really large baby bibs :D Lammas is right around the corner, and I have no idea what we will do. I wanted to do a canning party to celebrate the first harvest, but as usual, everyone's schedules are all over the place. We were going to do it on the 26th, a Sunday, but it looks like hubby starts a graveyard shift that night, so he will have to sleep during the afternoon. Not so easy to do with a kitchen full of women and children in the house. Saturday works for me, but then one person whom Im counting on the most to help me can (because Ive never done it

Almost 37

Where has the time gone? Seriously... I remember being twenty and thinking about how mid thirties was SO old... and now I am passing the mid thirties and skipping not quite so merrily into my late thirties. Some days I feel very accomplished. I have five beautiful children, I married the man I had a crush on since my early twenties, we aren't renting anymore, I feel a sense of spirituality that resonates with who I am, I kicked the smoking habit, learned how NOT to be a drunk. There is much more. But- I also feel so very non-accomplished. I have no career, I am still stupidly afraid of learning how to drive (I'm actually afraid of even BEING in a car for very long), I often feel very isolated because I for some reason tend to be quite anti-social in real life. I still have a very hard time with my patience, venomous words often fly from between my lips before I realize that I even formed them in thought in my mind.  I feel socially inadequate in many situations because our fina