Home Alarm Systems

Who has a home security system?

I am thinking of getting one for the house, though I have a great fear of horribly LOUD things, and I KNOW that with a houseful of kids, it will get set off constantly... but I still think it might be a good idea.

I'm not afraid so much of someone breaking in when I'm not home, but I worry more about when I am home alone with the little ones. We had a sales guy from APX come by. After he left, (and NO I did not allow them to install a system in my home - though he had a tech on hand and was REALLY eager to do so) I researched them and saw that they have very bad reviews.

However, it got me thinking, and I called around to a few different places.

I called Columbia Security, ADT, Brinks, and VoxCom, (now Reliance Protectron). They offered me ten contacts for doors and windows - no motion detectors please, NOT with cats and dog, and kids wandering around all night- three key ring type thingies, keypad and brain thingy , for under 40.00/month. No installation or start up fee. The other places were similarly priced but offered less things, and the contacts for doors and windows are the most important to me.

Anyone with any thoughts on home security systems, please add a comment!!! Canadian based please, I reside in BC.

Now, Lammas is coming up and I feel so dreadfully horrid . I have not been celebrating lately. It's not that I can't combine Gnosticism and Witchcraft, it's just that I'm having a hard time combining lack of sleep, babies and Witchcraft.

I am tired of cooking, and the thought of doing a nice celebratory meal for a sabbat does not appeal to me. I think my blog title should be... 'Lazy Mother' or 'Non-Wicce Mother' these days.

Dante is finally saying a few things 'Up' (wow, HUGE vocabulary!), is the newest one. Demetrio gives kisses and is super quick on his belly! Commando crawling has been mastered by the little guy.

Oh, and now, to post pictures of the Soy Candles that Akashik and I made , and some new soaps:



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