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Holidays on the Island

More aptly titled 'Holidays on ONE of the Islands' I suppose, seeing as how there are so many islands sprinkled about our West Coast. Normally we go to Galiano Island in the summer, but we learned that the cabin was up for sale. Initially we were very disappointed, but then we realized it could be an opportunity to discover the joys of a new Southern Gulf Island. So we spent some time looking at different rentals - an expense we hadn't had to bear before as the cabin we stayed in before was a friend's family cabin so we were able to stay for free - and realized that already anything affordable was not available during the time we wanted to be able to go. Then there was the fact that many of the cabins were simply on someone's property, or were in a cluster of cabin rentals - we REALLY wanted the same experience we'd been spoiled with, of being in the woods in a very private setting. And for each day that passed, my husband risked running out of holiday dates t