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~ Thomas Merton from Hagia Sophia l. Dawn. The Hour of Lauds.

Getting Back on Track - or at least trying

A few years back I was doing really well with diet and exercise. Following a low carb diet reduced my weight by 50 lbs, putting me in my recommended BMI, and I was doing cardio at home 5 days/week. I was feeling pretty good. So good in fact that I decided to have a tubal reversal and have two dear boys with my husband. Along with that blessed gift of additional children, I received a helluva lot of weight back, not quite back where I was before low carbing but enough that I felt pretty bad. I had fallen completey off the 'healthy choices' wagon and run over by the 'YAY! CARBS!' wagon. Add into that my computer addiction and anxiety issues that began to skyrocket (and accompanying depression) and I no longer physically or even emotionally resembled that pre-preggo person anymore. The last of those two children was born 5 years ago. I had been thoroughly fed up with the cycle of poor eating, indulgence in alcohol, carbs, lack of exercise (I do walk ALOT, daily, in b