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Thursday Afternoon

Lip ring is infected (still) - guessing that I really should have got pierced with titanium. Can't remember who it was that suggested my last labrette didn't heal correctly due to a reaction to the nickle in the surgical steel.. Today I started a plantain poultice --- but the effects aren't as lasting because I drink a lot of coffee and gunk it all up again. Apparently the kids have a professional day tomorrow. I had no idea. Normally I'm kind of up on these things, apparently not today. Oldest son comes home in two weeks. He's been in Japan for a year. Def miss that kid. Halted at level 11 on WoW - yes, I am THAT lame. I suck. I've made it further before but then get tired of the very similar quests. However I find it easier to play than LOTRO - in that I keep losing track of quests and I find the panel to be more awkward. Ryzom I'm even worse at but like the best. Chicken for dinner tonight - I'm working on that right now, trying to get it done

Wheel Turns

I used to have many catchy (in my opinion) titles for blog posts. I remember when blogging was this really cool thing where I'd post all my angsty thoughts and my angsty friends would read and comment. Now there are pro bloggers everywhere and I feel totally out of place anywhere cept livejournal. Anyhow.... Spring has been crazy green this year and very early. I spend too much time on the computer and not enough time outside, but Im outside daily taking kids to/fro school, and out with the dog. Still, the moment I'm outside and feeling the breeze Im reminded of that link. Divine expressing itself through the natural world. I also feel the movement of Baal the Storm God... funny how all these years as a Pagan, the semetic Deities didn't really pull me. Though I kept having a weird draw to Christianity.. not in it's current form but in some ancient form. I could feel the Canaanite underlyings in some Psalms . Could identify with El - but not Yahweh.  Always felt a

I fell in love

I ain't no Hollaback girl!Follow Jayden Murray for more. Posted by Jayden Murray on Tuesday, 7 April 2015

First Official Post of Spring

Even though it has felt like spring for a long time, it is indeed here now in full swing. The lushness of the lilac and elderberry trees already blocking out the more direct view of our neighbours and the road beyond. The Asian Pear and Quince tree have already lost the majority of their blossoms, though I think the massive short blasts of wind we've had dancing through the valley has had a lot to do with that. The boys are growing so quickly. My 7 year old is reading quickly and effectively - nothing gets past him. He is at that 'alien' looking stage - elongated arms and legs, large-ish head. Baby fat gone, and the ability to see him as he will be when a teenager very apparent. I quite remember this stage with my three (now) adult children. My 6 year old was a bit slower with reading, but being born the very end of December he has always been the youngest in the class, and a wee bit behind with certain academics. This week however when doing his daily reading I notic