Wheel Turns

I used to have many catchy (in my opinion) titles for blog posts. I remember when blogging was this really cool thing where I'd post all my angsty thoughts and my angsty friends would read and comment. Now there are pro bloggers everywhere and I feel totally out of place anywhere cept livejournal.

Spring has been crazy green this year and very early. I spend too much time on the computer and not enough time outside, but Im outside daily taking kids to/fro school, and out with the dog.

Still, the moment I'm outside and feeling the breeze Im reminded of that link. Divine expressing itself through the natural world.

I also feel the movement of Baal the Storm God... funny how all these years as a Pagan, the semetic Deities didn't really pull me. Though I kept having a weird draw to Christianity.. not in it's current form but in some ancient form. I could feel the Canaanite underlyings in some Psalms . Could identify with El - but not Yahweh.  Always felt as though an odd misplaced conglomeration was going on. I guess it was.

This Beltaine, our own group will be honouring Nikkal-aw-Ib and Yarikh. What better couple to celebrate and pay honour to at a time when we turn to the blossoms and eventual ripening of the fruits? Sacred weddings and sacred consummation.

Zoe enjoying the smell of ..lilacs?

Maybe.. as we DO have lots of lilac blossoms

The boys playing outside the other evening in their PJ's kind of big for the toddler slide, lol but still enjoying it.

little slough on my way home from WalMart

the Eco-Village behind the park in Yarrow, Chilliwack BC

Some farm land in Yarrow

Little D and his first ride on a horse

He was quite stoic. :) Bigger D had no desire to go on a horse, so the two hour wait was for his lil bro only.

We went to an Earth Day thingy at Pioneer Park in Yarrow a few weekends ago. Some kiosks set up with various environmental things and some really nice products. Was a good afternoon. Little D wanted a horse/pony ride. He and his bro played at the park (a few feet from us) while we stood in line up and waited for TWO hours..

The boys were busy playing so they didn't even really feel like they were 'waiting'. Otherwise im sure we would have been gone twenty minutes in. The girl who leads the little walk abouts with the horse was really nice and did a great job making little D feel safe.

Well, that's about all for now *cheers*!


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