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The Sound of Winter

Is the sound of my children hacking. Even after that initial late autumn flu hits, the cough lingers. I thought that we had beat it, but a cold dry snap has brought it back out again. They seem fine at home but by the time we walk the 20 min to school they are a coughing, hacking mess. So today we are staying home. The weather is supposed to go up to 1 tomorrow, instead of the balmy -1, and include some freezing drizzle, so perhaps that additional moisture will help. I made it to the gym yesterday but by the time I got home, a neighbour arrived in my driveway bearing my youngest, saying he had been sent home. Coughing at recess and then leaning against a wall falling asleep. Yesterday was the first snowfally of the year so understandably the children wanted to go out in it. I guess for little one, his first day back after two weeks, being out in the cold was NOT a good thing. His 6 yr old brother managed to last for the day, but when I picked him up he was coughing and now at 7:22 am