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Blessed Ostara!

And it was indeed! It was perfect equinox weather... sunny, beautiful, raining cats and dogs, and then, just around midnight, a small blizzard kicked up, lasting about twenty minutes only to disappear without a trace. Yesterday, Lady Pixiewitch came over and we cleansed and charged our crystals. It was great to work in a circle with her. She has a very wonderful energy and little D has really taken to her. (I personally think he was flirting with her, lol) Later that evening she gave me a knitting and crocheting lesson . It was quite over my head. Not because she didnt do a good job of showing me, but because my ability to retain information seems somewhat limited, haha. But after she left, I kept trying and suddenly it clicked as to what I was doing wrong.. I remembered how she was slipping the loop off the top with the other needle and PRESTO! I finally did it (Go Me!) That was the knitting. The crocheting I pretty much understand, the only thing is, I bought some lovely bulky

It's Just About That Time

Well, the birds are back in full force. Both of the birdhouses in our yard have robin families. Despite the attentions of our cats. This will be our second summer coming up in our new home and our first spring. It's nice to see the fruit trees coming to life.  Our little elderberry trees are growing too. And the herbs we planted last year are all happily showing their green. Valerian, mint , and others.


New life, new beginnings. The outward spiral that began its process at Yule, is now in full swing. It's beautiful. The lengthening days, the stirrings of life. Such a joyous time.