Blessed Ostara!

And it was indeed! It was perfect equinox weather... sunny, beautiful, raining cats and dogs, and then, just around midnight, a small blizzard kicked up, lasting about twenty minutes only to disappear without a trace.

Yesterday, Lady Pixiewitch came over and we cleansed and charged our crystals. It was great to work in a circle with her. She has a very wonderful energy and little D has really taken to her. (I personally think he was flirting with her, lol)

Later that evening she gave me a knitting and crocheting lesson . It was quite over my head. Not because she didnt do a good job of showing me, but because my ability to retain information seems somewhat limited, haha. But after she left, I kept trying and suddenly it clicked as to what I was doing wrong.. I remembered how she was slipping the loop off the top with the other needle and PRESTO! I finally did it (Go Me!)

That was the knitting. The crocheting I pretty much understand, the only thing is, I bought some lovely bulky yarn that is a bit hard to work with for a beginner... I cant quite see where to put the hook through the little loops once Ive made a chain. But I'm feeling pretty positive.

The older kids are gone this weekend. DD and DS#2 are at their dad's and DS#1 is visiting friends back in our old city. Little D is upstairs with his daddy, and I am a computer junkie, so I just HAD to pop in here and say "Good Morning!"


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