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Notice to Anyone Who Reads this Blog

I won't be updating this much anymore. (*update below) I'm trying to steer clear of google products and will eventually be closing my google accounts. I self host and I have a very simple Family blog for those of you (Happy Mama - this means you ;) ) who might enjoy keeping up with my posts, especially those more related to the simple family things. The blog is called . I also have a gallery attached to it, link is in top right corner of the blog, and if you are a friend of mine reading this, feel free to post a comment here asking for access to the gallery part and I will make it so. I am going to keep most of my political, spiritual, on-a-whim type posts to (its been up for awhile, and this blog here has been crossposting to it for a long time) , but I wanted to just have a nice, little blog to keep track of my day to day little blessings with my family. is not meant to be brainy, or thought provoking or anything like