Notice to Anyone Who Reads this Blog

I won't be updating this much anymore. (*update below) I'm trying to steer clear of google products and will eventually be closing my google accounts.
I self host and I have a very simple Family blog for those of you (Happy Mama - this means you ;) ) who might enjoy keeping up with my posts, especially those more related to the simple family things.
The blog is called . I also have a gallery attached to it, link is in top right corner of the blog, and if you are a friend of mine reading this, feel free to post a comment here asking for access to the gallery part and I will make it so.
I am going to keep most of my political, spiritual, on-a-whim type posts to (its been up for awhile, and this blog here has been crossposting to it for a long time) , but I wanted to just have a nice, little blog to keep track of my day to day little blessings with my family. is not meant to be brainy, or thought provoking or anything like that. It is more just the sort of thing I would jot down on paper in a real Journal.
Much Love,
*Update* - may return to posting here sometimes. I have closed down my Facebook account and blogger is a decent way to stay in touch with people.


  1. Hey, I've bookmarked the little family blog but I'll probably check out too.
    Although I love your family blog posts best, I often enjoy some of your more thought-provoking posts as well.
    I have no idea how you have the energy to think as deeply as you do. Seriously, I can't get past the "I know I beleive something but I'm not sure what..." cliched stage that I'm at!

  2. @Happy Mama, I use posterous to cross post to different places, so I think what I will do is possibly still post a lot of the 'spiritual-ish' stuff there, but I will keep as a site that omits family items for the most part.

    Justalittleblog will be used for everything that is suitable for my close friends and family - that may very well include those 'thinkin' things :D I just find that sometimes my posts are very much like standing on a soap box and shouting out to the world.

    My new family blog will more be like the sort of place that I jot down thoughts and events, similar as to if I was opening my journal and writing it down. Ex: in my actual paper/pen journal I probably wouldnt be writing about political posts or encouraging people to try out open-source-softward... so I wouldn't actually post it online in my family-ish site, but I WOULD post that on my terraspiritus site. Likewise, I dont want to post about my children etc on terraspiritus because that site is much more connected to my online persona as webmaster, vocal advocate of various ideologies etc. WOW big ramble! (hugs) Thanks for reading!


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