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I've gone through many changes in the past year. One of those changes was my ability to embrace Christianity. Not all of the aspects of Christianity as I see displayed in the media, and not all the deflector purposes I have seen it used for by people I have known, but the part of Christianity that means 'follower of Christ'. I am more of your Esoteric/Gnosticky variety, in that it is through those lenses that I read scripture (both canonical and non-canonical) and in that mindset that I understand the concept of it as a whole. I find the Anglican church a good framework to pursue this journey. The Anglican church, (at least in Canada) is very inclusive, does not discriminate against gender or sexual orientation and is based on Faith, REASON and Tradition. Reason emphasized by Yours Truly. It does not require a leaving of your brain in the coat room. I decided I wanted the children to have that sort of foundation to fall on. They may never want it, or pursue it, but I wa


I hate it when your blog theme creator stops hosting the images and you end up with all these missing image indicators. *sighs*

Is Costco’s Coconut Oil Junk? Or the Real Deal?

Is Costco’s Coconut Oil Junk? Or the Real Deal?