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Christian Nature Lover - or 'On being a Divinaturist'

As spring slowly buzzes and clicks and grinds into motion, I am reminded of how I looked forward to these times when on a pagan path. Puttering with 'witchy' things, creating, celebrating, crafting... felt in tune with nature. At the same time however, I felt a disconnect from Spirit. It felt more about the rituals, the tools, and 'being an individual'.  Oddly. For me, the  usual God and Goddess bit didn't work for me. I wasn't moved by Pagan lore . Church bells though - oh boy, those could stir my soul. I felt myself gravitate away from the Pagan Path and drawn toward the Church. If I feel down and depressed, Psalms can calm me much as the same way the motion in the trees can when the wind dances in the branches. Using the tools of contemplative prayer, writings by Thomas Merton or Cynthia Bourgeault   can pull me out of darkness and back to my inner light. And, of course, the Lore. Stories told to explain the nature and circumstance of mankind. Much like t