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Just another blog post...

Well, yesterday's blog entry invoked a mildly unhappy response from the ex. He has no idea how to use a computer, but through the help of his girlfriend *shudder*, he was able to read yesterday's post. It was a bit creepy...she joined facebook with a fake name and then I guess went poking around everything. The name had sounded familiar, so like a dumbass, I accepted her friend request. It sounded familiar because it was one of the fake names my ex had told me she used. The following might be a bit of a repetition... think of it as a recap because I privatized the other post.

It is a rant today...

I wanted to avoid a rant, but here's one anyhow. Anyone trying to avoid negative energy today can just ignore this post and read one from some other day. First of all. I am irritated. I'm tired. It's an ongoing boring story, my tiredness... but it contributes today to my lack of ability or desire to control my fingers and the keys they hit today.

Two Years Old

It's a fun age. Screeching... stomping... the desire for MORE snacks... MORE.. like NOW!!!! The age of  "I KNOW what I want but I DON'T know why I can't have it!" Snack time always goes like that. Gerber fruitchews or granola bar or cheese etc and as soon as it's done, he brings me his dish and smiles sweetly and says 'ok'..... that's Dante language for 'more please' Unfortunately, it's not quite so sweet when I tell him he can't have anymore .  It get's quite loud. Also, as soon as his dad gets home, Dante gets it into his head that he needs to go for a car ride.... one of his clearest sentences... although tis only two words is... 'Let's go!' and then he starts pulling his hands, pushing him in the but to propel him out of the room, and then as he nears the gateway to freedom (the baby gate) he says 'up?' and then expects to go for a car ride.

Walking the Hedge

I wanted to share a very sad, moving story posted by a great lady, Juniper  on her blog Walking the Hedge. Juniper is a wonderful person who lives in BC , runs a homestead and rescues dogs and horses. Please read this link I buried Maia today...


Yes, it is a wonderful thing. And, when I have slept, I will appreciate it so much more I think. How wonderful it is that Demetrio has learned to stand, to pull himself up onto (and over, and through, ) everything. I would be marvelling at this wonderous event if it were not for the fact that I have only slept 5 hours in three nights. Total. I started putting him to bed earlier, thinking that this would help him sleep better. They say that over-tired babies have crappier sleeps. So, instead of ten thirty, Ive been putting him down at nine thirty. Hoping... fingers crossed.... MAYBE this is what he needs.... but no.

Back from our trip

Still trying to decide whether I had a good time or not. I know that sounds horrible. The cabin is great. I love it, all the comforts of home but in the beautiful greenery that is Galiano Island. I think that as usual, my expectations were set too high. I thought that maybe Dante would have enjoyed the beach, although a tiny nagging part of my brain warned me that he would have a melt-down as soon as he was not allowed to do what he wanted to do. What a smart little nagging part of my brain I have! We went to the beach on the second day there. Although there was call for rain, the weather held wonderfully. We drove in through the private access road, and then got the double stroller out for the long walk through the forest and to the beach. By the time we got there, Dante was already getting fussy, and at first would not let Akashik even put him down. He had to hold him for awhile. Then finally, once King Dante allowed his dad to put him down, he was ok... walking around a bit, explori

Happy Birthday Dante!

We celebrated Dante's birthday today, although it isn't actually until the tenth. On the tenth however, we will be on the Island, so we celebrated today. Dante was a reluctant guest of honour. He preferred to open and close all the doors and play with an old, noisy Fisher Price train that is about 30 years old. It took alot of cajoling and trickery to get this stubborn little man to actually come show some interest in his gifts. Temper tantrums were free today, oh boy! He finally decided to observe what was being opened, although he had no interest in opening anything himself. Once his gifts were opened, he enjoyed playing with some new tractors and trucks and cars. He was very happy. We were quite surprised that when it came time to blow out the candles of his cake, and we all said 'Blow out the candles Dante', that he actually rushed over to them and tried to blow them out. He doesn't say much at all, so sometimes I'm surprised by what he actually understands.

Birthday and family holiday!

Tomorrow we will be celebrating Dante's 2nd birthday! I can't believe it. It seems like only yesterday that I was taking my temperature, and using lingo like , ovulation, temp jump, luteal phase, betas, abbreviatons such as dtd, poas, bfn, bfp, hcg etc etc.... and now my first tubal reversal baby will be two! And my second tubal reversal baby is seven months and pulling himself up on furniture, trying to climb on everything and falling on his head... alot. Thank-you Dr. Anthony Cheung RE from Vancouver's Reproductive Center. I am sooo very lucky. So very fortunate. So many women and men are going through a frustrating, painful struggle with infertility. People often think that having a child is as easy as stopping the pill or what not and really, although it is easy for some, it is not at all easy for many. Monday we are leaving for the Southern Gulf Islands for a family trip. My 16 year old daughter opted to go stay with her dad so that she could visit friends back in our

New Adventures?

Well... we are thinking of moving. To Atlantic Canada - to New Brunswick to be more specific. Currently we live in Chilliwack. My mother paid a hefty down payment for the house, to be an investment for her, and we pay the mortgage. It works well enough, except that the day will have to come that we branch out on our own. This home will need to be sold, and our score from it will be half the profit. Eeek. If we want to be able to afford a home here in BC, we will need to move out to the middle of no-where. Population 1000. Really, we dont want to have to do that. I was doing an listing search of homes 4+bedrooms and under 175,000 dollars and found that you can get alot of bang for your buck out east. New Brunswick's unemployment rate is not much greater than ours in BC, and we are not a 'career' family. Meaning that as long as it pays some bills, we are happy. We don't have certificates and diplomas. If we could secure 100,000 from this house, we would be left wit