Birthday and family holiday!

Tomorrow we will be celebrating Dante's 2nd birthday! I can't believe it. It seems like only yesterday that I was taking my temperature, and using lingo like , ovulation, temp jump, luteal phase, betas, abbreviatons such as dtd, poas, bfn, bfp, hcg etc etc.... and now my first tubal reversal baby will be two! And my second tubal reversal baby is seven months and pulling himself up on furniture, trying to climb on everything and falling on his head... alot.
Thank-you Dr. Anthony Cheung RE from Vancouver's Reproductive Center. I am sooo very lucky. So very fortunate. So many women and men are going through a frustrating, painful struggle with infertility. People often think that having a child is as easy as stopping the pill or what not and really, although it is easy for some, it is not at all easy for many.
Monday we are leaving for the Southern Gulf Islands for a family trip. My 16 year old daughter opted to go stay with her dad so that she could visit friends back in our old town. (he still lives there), and my 20 year old refused. I think he likes having the house to himself. But our almost 15 year old son will be with us, and the two littlest kidletts.
Still quite serious about moving to New Brunswick. Moncton. Hopefully all will go according to plan. Well... I guess then I need to HAVE a plan. If anyone has ever moved across Canada, feel free to leave a comment and share some tips!


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