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Names... Mundane and Otherwise

I've been thinking about adopting a name for myself. Starting along a new path and all. I have a 'magical' name that is private and was chosen for my group. But our group has changed in a few ways, it's grown and sort of roamed new horizons. Seems fair that it might be time for a new Working name. Also, we might be doing some public rituals, as I am hoping to work toward an ordination within the CWABC. (crossing fingers) . I would like a name to be able to use publicly. so, anyhow... Trees are important to me. They represent perfection in so many ways. They are rooted... the current of life moves through them. They provide shade, and either food from their fruit or materials for creating (and sometimes eating) from their bark. They breathe our foul air and bless us with clean air. They are the grandest of all living things. Anyhow, Apple was my first choice... but I realized that with all its associations, both magical and mundane (ipads and iphones being pretty

Boring Post

But a post nontheless. Blogging is a good way to keep track of time and events in my life, especially because I have a bad memory.  So, let's see.... my son is selling e-cigarettes (one of my older sons), I bought my 3.5 year old new Thomas Train  boots. My 2 year old was jealous, but he has some prett awesome Lightening Mc Queen boots, so I just cleaned and buffed his up a bit, and now he thinks they're new too :D. My dad and grandparents came over yesterday... oh! and hubby and I had some wine to celebrate High Spring. We watched The Dark Knight ,because believe it or not, we hadn't watched it yet. I really liked it.  Dying my hair today, the greys are taking over.... hm. What else?  Found an awesome place on SL in a region that is part of the Eternity Sims. 50L per week. Tiny place, but the area is beautiful, the cabin is well done, and it has a day/night set that switches places with the touch of a button. I love the peeps in Eternity. Hopefully I will start in

Modron - The Divine Mother

From Wikipedia we have: In  Welsh mythology ,  Modron  ("divine mother") was a daughter of  Afallach , derived from the  Gaulish   goddess   Matrona . She may have been the prototype of  Morgan le Fay  from  Arthurian legend . She was the mother of  Mabon , who bears her name as " Mabon ap Modron " ("Mabon, Son of Modron") and who was stolen away from her when he was three days old and later rescued by  King Arthur [....]   Her Gaulish counterpart Matrona is a  Celtic  mother goddess and tutelary goddess of the River  Marne . She is also a fertility and harvest deity often equated with Greece's  Demeter  or Ireland's  Danu . In Britain , she appears as a washerwoman, and thus there would seem to be a connection with the  MorrĂ­gan and In  Celtic mythology ,  Dea Matrona  ("divine mother goddess") was the  goddess  of the river  Marne  in  Gaul . In many areas she was worshipped as a  triple goddess , and known as  Deae Matres  (or Deae

Divinity in the Natural World | Divinaturism




Evening Walk

The sun has set behind the great hills to the West of this valley, But darkness has not come yet,   Pavement  dark from the day long rains, Soaked from the showers that have now ceased.   The smells of wet soil and damp foilage, Not yet full of spring's bloom  And plumes of smoke rising from chimneys, Lend further hint to the reluctance of winter's passing   Rumbling loudly, a long train journeys past Shaking the ground on it's way to the coast The world winds down, settling Into the rythmic patterns of an ending day   Black bare trees, with only  tiny brave buds Stand against the grey and white patterns of the sky Birds not yet in their nests, sit in the branches Singing their final song before nightfall

it's monday

A very inspiring title. Anyhow... we actually had some spring like weather. Definitely a thrill. Normally in march on the west coast it is a WEE bit warmer than this. Rain of course, being that this is south west Canada, but lately it's actually been freezing. We spent a lot of time outside today, but the clouds are rolling in and a bit of a chill is making itself present. Redid the church website for the local website for the local Anglican church I attend, and Im busy trying to write up our High Spring ritual for our Divinaturist group. Definitely an interesting blend of spiriuality. However i just see a lot of unifying factors in different paths. Universal pluralty. Lol . I dont feel thigs need to necessarily be one or the other. They just need to resonate with your heart. Cus it's all about the love!

Spring vs Winter - Winter is ahead (but the days are getting longer, take THAT winter!)

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People usually consider walking on water or in thin air a miracle. But I think the real miracle is not to walk either on water or in thin air, but to walk on earth. Every day we are engaged in a miracle which we don’t even recognize: a blue sky, white clouds, green leaves, the black, curious eyes of a child — our own two eyes. All is a miracle. -Thich Nhat Hanh