Mar 7, 2011

it's monday

A very inspiring title. Anyhow... we actually had some spring like weather. Definitely a thrill. Normally in march on the west coast it is a WEE bit warmer than this. Rain of course, being that this is south west Canada, but lately it's actually been freezing. We spent a lot of time outside today, but the clouds are rolling in and a bit of a chill is making itself present.
Redid the church website for the local website for the local Anglican church I attend, and Im busy trying to write up our High Spring ritual for our Divinaturist group. Definitely an interesting blend of spiriuality. However i just see a lot of unifying factors in different paths. Universal pluralty. Lol . I dont feel thigs need to necessarily be one or the other. They just need to resonate with your heart. Cus it's all about the love!

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