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Eradicating Wicca

Although I have been in the Pagan community for the past ten years  (and more of a lurker prior to that) I’ve never seen such a huge level of hostility in regards to (edit) ‘Ecclectic’ Wiccans. Wicca became a recognized religion in the states. There are some ‘legal’ Wiccan churches in Canada. Wicca as first brought forward by Gerald Gardner, has found its way to North America and taken on a new life. Albeit many strains that have sprung up are Wiccan by name only, resembling little the practice of the Traditional Wiccan groups that got this all started. Understandably, those who have learned and been initiated from a verifiable lineage find it irritating that anyone can grab a book, read about Wicca and say ‘Hey, yeah, I’m Wiccan’. However it is was only a matter of time before that happened. When something so beautiful and appealing and new catches the eye of one who has ever really had exposure to the Abrahamic faiths or a new non-dogmatic esoteric approach makes itself known to s

Lines that Define

Not too long ago I wrote a post ” One Path, Two Tools, or Confessions of an Anglipaganostic“. It seemed to make so much sense. Simplifying this inner battle. Things are never that simple it would seem. I have so much faith and hope in the Progressive Christian Movement. I especially have great faith and hope in the Progressive Episcopalian Church and what it is they are doing to make this accessible and inclusive.  I really believe in it – so much that I have wanted nothing more to work on my little Sacred Path Fellowship and offer a new variety of Christianity to the locals. To put it out there, let people know it exists. Then in a debate over my blog post at the website I really got a good glimpse of how the majority seems to understand Christianity. Namely “Accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour”, and accepting the bible mindlessly (something that isn’t that common to Christianity actually, though the general public seems to think so) I was honestly a bi

Spring Time

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