Names... Mundane and Otherwise

I've been thinking about adopting a name for myself. Starting along a new path and all. I have a 'magical' name that is private and was chosen for my group.
But our group has changed in a few ways, it's grown and sort of roamed new horizons. Seems fair that it might be time for a new Working name. Also, we might be doing some public rituals, as I am hoping to work toward an ordination within the CWABC. (crossing fingers) . I would like a name to be able to use publicly. so, anyhow...

Trees are important to me.
They represent perfection in so many ways. They are rooted... the current of life moves through them. They provide shade, and either food from their fruit or materials for creating (and sometimes eating) from their bark.
They breathe our foul air and bless us with clean air.
They are the grandest of all living things.
Anyhow, Apple was my first choice... but I realized that with all its associations, both magical and mundane (ipads and iphones being pretty darn popular) that it was maybe a bit too 'big' for me.
I began thinking about my area. As well as my personality and what I hope to achieve, balance, strength etc... and I thought of the Birch Tree. Often thought of as Male, but just as often thought of as Feminine... Birth, family domestic things (the Rune Berkana) . The Birch stems from a word meaning Shining, it self propagates, it can tolerate conditions that many other trees can't. It's strong and hardy. You know? Birch can take what life throws at it.
There are also different things that the Birch represents magically, as well as the actual uses of it amongst the Aboriginal people in our area in history.
So, Birch is a name I am happy to take on... a name that can offer me a bit of strength to draw on.
Wind is what makes me feel longing and a need to be out within the trees. Watching the wind blow, (a common occurrence within the Valley) creates such a strong feeling of homesickness... watching the trees dance)
And you know, the second part to my name is a name I use in many forums. Moonrise.

So, Birchwind Moonrise. Birchwind, for short.


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