Yes, it is a wonderful thing.

And, when I have slept, I will appreciate it so much more I think.

How wonderful it is that Demetrio has learned to stand, to pull himself up onto (and over, and through, ) everything. I would be marvelling at this wonderous event if it were not for the fact that I have only slept 5 hours in three nights. Total.

I started putting him to bed earlier, thinking that this would help him sleep better. They say that over-tired babies have crappier sleeps. So, instead of ten thirty, Ive been putting him down at nine thirty. Hoping... fingers crossed.... MAYBE this is what he needs.... but no.

It's not like he over sleeps during the day. He sleeps a total of about 2 or three hours during the day, divided into two naps.

It goes something like this: 9:15 Change baby, nurse baby, sit in arm chair with baby til he's snoozy, put him in his crib, pat his back a moment or two, and he's out like a light. 11:15 He's awake hollering, STANDING in his crib. I lie him down, pat his back... sometimes it works and he goes back to sleep for another hour, usually it doesn't and he is screaming like a demon. Nurse, pat, rock, WHATEVER he still wakes up an hour later.

So, I thought, screw it, he's loved, changed, fed, I will put the pillow over my head (yes MY head, not HIS, don't worry) and ignore it. This is not an option. Not only because he stands and subsequently crashes back down into his bars on the crib, but because he is trying like a maniac to climb UP the rails with his little monkey feet!

Bigger crib perhaps, with a netting/tent over the top... or maybe a really safe playpen that allows him to crash into the sides without injuring himself.

I love my kids dearly, but I'm telling you.. I am SOOOO glad this is my last one!



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