Back from our trip

Still trying to decide whether I had a good time or not. I know that sounds horrible. The cabin is great. I love it, all the comforts of home but in the beautiful greenery that is Galiano Island.

I think that as usual, my expectations were set too high. I thought that maybe Dante would have enjoyed the beach, although a tiny nagging part of my brain warned me that he would have a melt-down as soon as he was not allowed to do what he wanted to do. What a smart little nagging part of my brain I have!

We went to the beach on the second day there. Although there was call for rain, the weather held wonderfully. We drove in through the private access road, and then got the double stroller out for the long walk through the forest and to the beach.

By the time we got there, Dante was already getting fussy, and at first would not let Akashik even put him down. He had to hold him for awhile. Then finally, once King Dante allowed his dad to put him down, he was ok... walking around a bit, exploring into the water a bit. But then  he had to be taken out of the water a little ways because it was going up to his thighs and so Akashik lifted him out a bit and moved him about a foot back and the fits started. He screamed about that, and then screamed because his dad wasn't going into the water far enough with him (Akashik was wearing jeans, because it wasnt a super warm day). Although he played with his bucket and shovel a bit, he quickly HATED it because the shovel part is quite rounded and he had a hard time scooping sand properly.

After more crying and yelling, we decided we were done and put the kids back in the stroller to start the long walk all the way back. I felt bad for my almost 15 year old because I knew he wasnt having a good time. Dante screamed his head off in the stroller, thrashing back and forth... then after awhile of this, he decided he was done I guess and so then Demetrio started screaming because he was tired. UGh.... soooo not nice and relaxing.

Much of our trip went like that. Dante having a fit everytime he didnt get his own way. The only time he was truly happy was when he was opening and closing the sliding doors a million times and when he was in the car seat. He LOVES being in the car.

Then the rain came the next day and the day after that. So, we just hung out in the cabin. It was just like being at home, except for no internet or telephone. My almost 15 year old was very well behaved, although I know he was bored out of his mind. After all, how many times can a teenager watch Cars and the Wiggles without losing his mind?

Getting Dante to sleep at night was a bit tough, and Demetrio slept very little, so Akashik and I had no time with each other. We had some beer and wine, but each night, he had fallen asleep by the time I had got the little ones to bed.

Our last day there, while killing time before going to the Ferry , we went to The Bluffs. It's very beautiful there.

So... yeah, that was about it. I hear about other people going on family trips with little ones and I feel pretty inadequate. Dante's birthday was a mess... he was just miserable and screamed the whole time almost (except when he got his own way and finally sat driving cars around), and our family vacation was not very relaxing and was spent trying to keep everyone happy all the time. What am I doing wrong with this boy?

Anyhow, Moncton is still a reality. Still not sure how we are going to do it, but we will. Knowing we have such a small amount for a downpayment on a house , we really don't have a choice. Of course, coming back to Chilliwack from the ferry in Tsawassen, and being greeted by the Cascade mountain range and rolling green hills, I was once again struck with a feeling of sadness knowing we have to leave it behind. But New Brunswick has many beautiful areas to visit. Of course, this could be a few years away. Surprisingly, the kids want to go. I think they just like knowing we'd have more money for clothes shopping :D

We will have to do alot of purging, tossing out of stuff.

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