Two Years Old

It's a fun age.

Screeching... stomping... the desire for MORE snacks... MORE.. like NOW!!!!

The age of  "I KNOW what I want but I DON'T know why I can't have it!"

Snack time always goes like that. Gerber fruitchews or granola bar or cheese etc and as soon as it's done, he brings me his dish and smiles sweetly and says 'ok'..... that's Dante language for 'more please'

Unfortunately, it's not quite so sweet when I tell him he can't have anymore .  It get's quite loud.

Also, as soon as his dad gets home, Dante gets it into his head that he needs to go for a car ride.... one of his clearest sentences... although tis only two words is... 'Let's go!' and then he starts pulling his hands, pushing him in the but to propel him out of the room, and then as he nears the gateway to freedom (the baby gate) he says 'up?' and then expects to go for a car ride.

It's quite heart wrenching if he doesnt get to go. He totally melts down. Sad, dejected, lying in a heap... of course, it's better than when instead he decides to get pissed off about it and has a major fit.

Lately he has discovered that it is fun to push Demetrio over. He started doing it when Demetrio would be slug-crawling over to him.. big grin on his face... and then Dante would rush over to his left side , put both hands along his side between his arm pit and hip and SHOVE... this of course would make Demetrio suddenly roll onto his back. Quite shocked. The first few times , I had no idea that that was what was going on, I just thought Demetrio had decided to flip over quickly. I thought that the grinning Dante was simply as a result of a growing appreciation for his little brother. I was a bit wrong.

Today , I caught Dante just before he shoved Demetrio over from a standing position. He was standing , holding onto the couch for support as he shuffled his way from one end of the couch to the other.... touching toys on the couch as he went... (Dante likes to line up all his trucks and tractors on the couch). Suddenly, like flash, Dante was there JUST about to shove him down. But I intercepted. We have laminate floors, and falling on them does not feel good I would imagine.

I'm incredibly tired today.




  1. -sending you hugs- Kids today, eh? Take some breaths and I hope Dante learns soon that pushing Demetrio is not allowed.~Rose.


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