New Adventures?

Well... we are thinking of moving.
To Atlantic Canada - to New Brunswick to be more specific.
Currently we live in Chilliwack. My mother paid a hefty down payment for the house, to be an investment for her, and we pay the mortgage. It works well enough, except that the day will have to come that we branch out on our own.
This home will need to be sold, and our score from it will be half the profit. Eeek.
If we want to be able to afford a home here in BC, we will need to move out to the middle of no-where. Population 1000. Really, we dont want to have to do that.
I was doing an listing search of homes 4+bedrooms and under 175,000 dollars and found that you can get alot of bang for your buck out east.
New Brunswick's unemployment rate is not much greater than ours in BC, and we are not a 'career' family. Meaning that as long as it pays some bills, we are happy. We don't have certificates and diplomas. If we could secure 100,000 from this house, we would be left with a mortgage of only 50,000...... what a heavenly mortgage that would be.
If one of us could get a job flipping burgers even, we would survive!
So, what I would LIKE to do is, travel out that way next spring, check it out. Then come back, get the house on the market and hopefully sell. Of course, employment will be a factor, but New Brunswick has a population that is still actually increasing and they seem to be pulling through the economic crisis with alot of strength. They also have a very low crime rate. What a change THAT would be!!!
The weather there is a bit more of a challenge, but they average more hours of sunlight that the west coast does (just a wee bit ;) )
No, I'm not crazy... just 37 and ready for something different.


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