It is a rant today...

I wanted to avoid a rant, but here's one anyhow. Anyone trying to avoid negative energy today can just ignore this post and read one from some other day.

First of all. I am irritated. I'm tired. It's an ongoing boring story, my tiredness... but it contributes today to my lack of ability or desire to control my fingers and the keys they hit today.

My ex used to pay 700/month for child support for two kids because he was a journeyman plumber making alot of money. I did not determine the amount. It was determined by a book that FMEP follows, in the courts.

Last summer he went missing. He was selling drugs, got hooked on cocaine (well, in actuality, he always had been) and just went awol. The kids didnt know where he was. No one did. He stopped paying child support.

This past winter, after Christmas, he slowly started getting his act together.

He now just celebrated his third month of sobriety. Yay. Good job.

We went to court to have his amount reduced because he is now on disability because he apparently has Post Traumatic Stress Disorder due to a car accident he had a year ago, and can not work. (he gets in accidents alot and is always claiming some sort of injury and getting money or TRYING to get money.. but anyhow)

So, we go to court, and not only did I suggest and agree to lowering it to only 150/month.... I ALSO offered to wipe out all backpayment that was owed, beginning on the day he actually went on Welfare/Disability. Now, FMEP wanted him to pay me all the backpayment. It was their opinion that he was the one that waited a whole year to go to court to get the order reduced and that therefore, he should be responsible for all charges between then and his application for the court date. But i thought... hes trying to be clean, hes not working, I want him to be happy so that he can make his kids happy... and i opted to wipe out the 5000 dollars.

So, the kids were with him the last few weeks. I asked him if he could contribute 50.00 to our daughter's 200.00 prescription bill this month. We eventually get paid back through husband's medical, but we can only send it in 4x per year. He declined. HOWEVER, he sent the kids back with, 100 for my daughter, 100  and new clothes for my son. My son said that the 100 he got wasnt just for free however, he was working with his dad and his dad paid him. Because... of course, his dad is still working. So, he is working under the table, living at his parents and collecting Disability (which you only get if you CANT WORK) and ME, the idiot, let him out of all that money he owed? grrr... and he WONDERS why I want to move to the other side of Canada where the cost of living is lower. And of course, their dad told him. "Don't tell your mom I'm working. Don't tell her I bought you things." Like what, I would just figure that the money and clothes fell into their hands ?

Then, to top it off, yesterday, my daughter was out. Trying to open a bank account. Why? because he wanted to give her more money but wanted her to open a secret account so that he could send her money without me finding out. If she told me, and he found out, he wouldn't give her any money. Poor kids!


Rant over.

I'm so done.

And so tired. And so bitchy. So I'm going to apologize to anyone for my negative vibes today.

May your Saturday be glorious.


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