Thursday Afternoon

Lip ring is infected (still) - guessing that I really should have got pierced with titanium. Can't remember who it was that suggested my last labrette didn't heal correctly due to a reaction to the nickle in the surgical steel.. Today I started a plantain poultice --- but the effects aren't as lasting because I drink a lot of coffee and gunk it all up again.

Apparently the kids have a professional day tomorrow. I had no idea. Normally I'm kind of up on these things, apparently not today.

Oldest son comes home in two weeks. He's been in Japan for a year. Def miss that kid.

Halted at level 11 on WoW - yes, I am THAT lame. I suck. I've made it further before but then get tired of the very similar quests. However I find it easier to play than LOTRO - in that I keep losing track of quests and I find the panel to be more awkward. Ryzom I'm even worse at but like the best.

Chicken for dinner tonight - I'm working on that right now, trying to get it done before I start work.



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