Do they have bibs for moms?

Sometimes it's Demetrio enjoying some cereal or veggies and then getting his hands into his mouth, (and all over me), and other times it's Dante deciding he doesnt like what's in his dish and smacking it off his high-chair tray, and all over me.
Either way, I need protective covering.
Aprons don't cut it, they leave too much of the neck area exposed. *sigh*
Maybe i'll go check out the baby section for really large baby bibs :D
Lammas is right around the corner, and I have no idea what we will do. I wanted to do a canning party to celebrate the first harvest, but as usual, everyone's schedules are all over the place. We were going to do it on the 26th, a Sunday, but it looks like hubby starts a graveyard shift that night, so he will have to sleep during the afternoon. Not so easy to do with a kitchen full of women and children in the house.
Saturday works for me, but then one person whom Im counting on the most to help me can (because Ive never done it) can't be there.
Not quite sure exactly what we will do. A ritual is kind of out of the question, now that we have TWO little ones, one of which does not sleep at night.
I'm waiting for a credit card. I have GREAT HOPES that I may get it. Maybe. I need to pay off some overdraft, and pay off my wee 500.00 card, then I can just have the one payment each month. My oldest laughs at me. Each day that the mail has come he says "SO, did your credit card come in?" he swears up and down that I'm crazy and that anyone who gives me a credit card must be crazy as well.
We have decided to go to Galiano Island after Dante's 2nd birthday. We were going to go camping for two nights with the kids at a private campground,then from there, get on the Ferry to the island. But I just couldnt imagine doing both.
As much as I love my husband, I have to say that it would totally fall upon me to find all the gear, get everyone ready, find toys for babies, clothes etc.
He would go about his days, working, coming home, etc, and then when the day came to go camping he would THEN look for everything he thinks he needs. We have done this before.
It is not fun.
So, Galiano it is, and Big D's birthday will simply be at home :)
My tomato plants are getting big. Ive been trying to help them pollinate, because they ar greenhouse grown. And WOW, the squash has taken over the garden!
I started up a Gnostic blog/forum to address some other needs in my life, and that has been a fun project to work on, so I have been neglecting some of my other web stuff.
That's all for now!


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