Screamy and Shrieky

Well, when Demetrio screams, (80% of his waking hours), Dante shrieks.
The day goes something like this:
17 month old Dante wakes up at about 7:15, I get up to go make him his morning bottle. He still has three a day, never to go to sleep and never during the night...
As I walk into the kitchen to make his bottle, I hear Demetrio begin to squawk in protest at being alone in the King Sized bed... squawks turn into screams. I get my teenage son to pick up Dante from his crib before he has to take off for the school bus and bring him out to the living room because I still have a few more post c-section weeks to go before I am allowed to pick up 30lb Dante.
Once Dante is established behind the long baby gate in the living room-put there to assist him in staying away from our laminate covered stairs that go down to ceramic tile below, and out of the kitchen, away from the dog etc. etc., I go get Demetrio.
Demetrio is growing well, and it's no wonder, as all he does is eat.
If Demetrio is not being fed, he screams. He hates the soother, hates my finger, just screams and roots for the breast.
I spend all day trying to find time to spend with Dante. I can usually get five minutes here or there to play some blocks with Dante before Demetrio starts screaming. Its like 24/7 colic.
When Demetrio starts crying, Dante starts shrieking at him, and omg its enough to get me pulling my hair out when combined with lack of sleep.
I try to make Dante's meals while Demetrio screams away in the wrap, or sling, or stroller that I keep upstairs to put him in while Im trying to do things.
While Demetrio screams, I coo and sing to him, sometimes pushing the stroller back and forth with one foot while trying to wash a few dishes or get a meal prepared.
In the meantime, Dante is shrieking because he just can't figure out what Demetrio is... he only knows that he makes alot of noise and is similar in size to our cats, but smaller.

So far, twice I have got Dante down for a nap, Demetrio decided to take a snooze round lunch time, so I seized opportunity to whisk Dante off to his room for a nap. And no sooner did Dante nod off in my arms than I heard Demetrio awaken. Quickly deposited Dante into his crib, (bad me, im not supposed to lift him up - oh well) scooped up Demetrio, then retreated to me bedroom to resume position of nursing Demetrio. I can not allow him to cry and fuss much at all, or Dante will awaken, whether it be day or night. The laminate floors carry Demetrios screams perfectly.. so rather than get housework done while Dante sleeps, or have comp time etc, I hide out in the bedroom and chill out with the little guy.o start an episode out in the kitchen or the rest of the house, nap time would be over for Dante, so I use it as a time to rest and sit or lie in bed nursing Demetrio, (most effective way of keeping him happy it seemds)
Bed time is the same. Pablo puts Dante to bed for me at night because he is home from work at dinner time. But once Dante goes to bed I have to banish myself to the bedroom to keep colicky Demetrio from waking Dante.
By the end of the day my ears ring from all the noise and I almost welcome the cluster feedings because at least all I am required to do is lie in bed with a good show and feed the little guy.
I know it will get better, but if one more person reminds me " Well, YOU were the one who wanted another one" I'm going to snap.
I love all my kids, and Ive been thru this trying newborn period 4 times before, just never with another child so young also. Maybe I'm just old and lack the ability to adjust as well as I used to?
Either way, I still get moments during the day where my heart is touched by something adorable that the boys do. A coo or funny cross eyed look from Demetrio... or the clasping of his tiny hand around my finger while he nurses... or Dantes love of saying his new word "cra-kor" (tractor.. lol). Theres much to appreciate.
Just wanted to share a rundown of my day as it is before dinnertime when my teens come home from school and husband comes home from work... LOL
I have yet to get a nice family picture. Will have to work on that!


  1. It's hard work, but you can do it! If there is anything I can do to help out (bring by some more food, do some laundry, take Dante for a walk, clean) please let me know.

    Could Demetrio be sensitive to something you are eating?

  2. I don't think so, I eat very little of anything that would be making its way into my bloodstream to bother him. I cut out the Splenda, thinking that might be it. I eat very very little dairy. All my boys were like this, I often wonder if its genetic.. they just have a hard time adjusting to life in the big world, or if it's related to the c-section and anitbiotics I was on through IV at their birth.... maybe upset the stomach flora and contributed to some gut problems. He is on Bio Gaia probiotoc drops, so Im hoping to see an improvement in time. Dante screamed all the time too, even when i took everything out of my diet. But I did not have another small one to contend with at the time, so it was a bit different.

  3. Well, I decided to cut out milk proteins. :(

  4. that sucks :( I hope it is worthwhile and helps! I have heard of such great results from cutting out milk. When Cora was younger we went dairy free for her and it made a world of difference in her behaviour, but she seems to have grown out of it. I often wonder if I should cut it out again but it is so hard to do when it is not so obviously helpful.

  5. who's been saying 'well you were the one who wanted another"? i lay da boots woman!! (well not really, but i will certainly shoot dirty glares!)

  6. Oh, honey, you poor thing - wish I was there to grab one of them for you. Or at least do some housework and cooking for you...

    Yup, it's challenging dealing with multiple little ones. My philosophy is always to deal with the loudest first. Usually the oldest and usually the one you have a chance of actually settling in some way. The other one either gives up and falls asleep or learns a bit of patience (No, I'm not really that harsh - my heart races while the screaming goes on...). However, I've never had collicky little ones so never had to deal with full-on screaming for no apparent reason.

    And as for "well, you wanted another" type comments. Grrrrr! Mean and not the point!

    Sorry this is so long - I know this isn't what comments sections are for - I should email properly...


  7. Oh Karen, it's ok! I appreciate your thoughts! And what you described is pretty much what I do. Dante is easier to settle.I think Demetrio will be forced to learn patience, lol.
    Oh, and the racing heart, yes... trying to deal with the older one while lil one screams desperately.
    You know, you should really start a blog! Three little ones, living in Scotland with a sailor husband... I am sure you have many stories to share!


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