You know, those days when you wake up... happy, intent on making the most of your day, then it all goes to shit?
So, it started well enough. Dante was still snoozing, so Demetrio and I were having some nice quiet time together this morning. I lit some incense on my altar, and said a prayer to the Divine to help me with my patience and to help me to be mindful. Then Dante awoke, just as Demetrio nodded off, so I took Dante upstairs to the kitchen for breakfast. It was nice and quiet... until Anthony came in.
An argument ensued because he missed his bus. He had slept in again, and instead of rushing out to get the bus, he was fiddling with his hair, using the straightener etc. I told him he was an idiot. Yes, kind words from a mother to a child. However, this is a chronic issue, and when he misses his bus, he misses school, because I have no other way of getting him there. It is a two hour walk, and he only goes until after lunch as it is.
He swore, said something quite volatile, then punched a hole in the wall.
Dante just about jumped out of his hi-chair.
"oh oh!" Dante said
I remained seated at the table, not about to leave Dante in the high chair alone in order to chase his 14 year old brother down the hall.
Anthony was, by this time in his room swearing and slamming things around.
The school called to let me know Anthony had not arrived. I assured them I was aware of this. The secretary told me someone would come pick Anthony up, as it was pizza day and there was a bit of a party they didn't want him to miss.
How nice.
I got off the phone and went to tell Anthony to go wait for his ride, but he was not there. He'd gone out his window.
Now of course, Demetrio was awake and crying.
So I hung out with the little ones in the living room. The wind was blowing, quit hard, and I had the windows all open because it's so damn hot in here. Well, doors were blowing closed and a picture blew off the wall... Dante got scared. Maybe he assumed his big brother was banging things around, Im not sure. Either way, for the rest of the morning, til nap time, I could not walk out of the room without Dante having a melt down.
Demetrio fell asleep on me for a morning nap, I went to go into the kitchen to put him down in the playpen for a snooze... Dante FREAKED out, so of course did Demetrio, and no morning nap was to be had. Instead, both of them were totally crabby, cried all morning, and oh joy... what fun it was.
One of the directors from the Pagan Fellowship has resigned, as she is no longer a Pagan, and with the lack of interest generated by the Fellowship, Im thinking of just closing it down. It's like beating a dead horse.
Well, dinner time. I guess I should go cook something.


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