Happy Earth Day!

I feel badly. Typing this from indoors when I feel like I should be outside. Outside where the Daffodils have stepped down to allow the Tulips their place in the limelight. Outside where the chocolate mint has begun its aromatic entrance,  popping up through the soil in places I didn't see it last year. Lilac shoots, blueberry buds, apple and quince blossoms...

But Dante is napping, so Im lazing about , nursing Demetrio and having some quality comp time.

One damper on our outdoors fun however, is the wasp problem.

WHY are there so many? Husband destroys nets, with them in it, next day more wasps are rebuilding a few inches over.

They love our yard, and they love building nests all around our shed/greenhouse. Seems to be an ever losing battle. Our yard is small, so when the wasps are out, enjoying the outdoors is nearly impossible.

On cooler days and evenings, when the wasps arent bothersome, it's just the mosquitos. Crazy bastards. Luckily we don't have to worry much about them yet.

My water bath canner (Ball Home Canning Kit) is due to arrive soon. I ordered it from the Peddler's Wagon. Better price than amazon because the shipping is cheaper. The store has a lot of great things actually. They ship to Canada, so right there, they get a big thumbs up! :D

I also ordered some seeds from Salt Spring Seeds. They are, or course located on Salt Spring Island.... (sigh... I REALLY want to move to the islands!!!

I ordered:

  • Manitoba Tomato

  • Olomovic Tomato

  • Sweet Cayenne Pepper

  • Italian sweet pepper

  • Black Cocoa Beans

  • Mrs Van's Climbing Peas

  • Boothby's Blonde Cucumber

  • Buttercup Squash

  • Gaucho Bean

  • Multi-Hued Quinoa

I may be over estimating my gardening capabilities this year. I guess we shall see!

I want to container grow as much as possible. The peppers and tomatoes will be in our little wasp infested greenhouse. (should be fun)

I am wanting to container grow to help with keeping cat feces away from the edibles. Any suggestions?

I am now a member of the Regina Coeli Parish. I feel very good about my decision to embrace Gnostic Christianity through the Apostolic Johannite Church. It all feels very 'right' to me. And I do not feel for the most part that it conflicts with my Witchcraft beleifs.

These two articles here really got me thinking:

Are Witches Gnostic?

And Are Witches Gnostic?: Revisited

Msgr Jordan Stratford writes some excellent peices, and I am excited about receiving my book that he authored soon. Living Gnosticism.

He has been great to correspond with in regards to all my questions. Particularly in regards to correlation between my Pagan beliefs and Gnosticism.


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