Celebration of Light

Last night we celebrated the return of the light. It was subtle, but nice.

Slowly we are making the transition back to a more religion neutral version of celebrating the holidays.
When we lived in the Vancouver area, it was easier, as there were lots of pagan folk milling about, lots of celebration invites, and discussing solstice was commonplace amongst friends.
Where we have moved to it's not so very acceptable and over the past few years we really fell out of sync with the rythm of the earth.

Since my realization of the Divinity of the One within the earth and elements, I realized I had gone too far in the opposite direction and had been neglecting the Shekinah, or Gaia, or the Great Mother.
I had forgotten that God's Divinity lay within her, and all around me, and I just had not seen it.
So, this year, Christmas took on a weird feeling. It had a frustrating quality. I felt as though I was being guilted to celebrate it via media displays of nostalgic images, and pressure from the local mindset that to do otherwise would be abnormal.

So, we celebrated the Earth's journey around the sun, the process of renewal, new hope, new light... it wasn't discussed as so much really - my 16, 18 and 21 year old are totally NOT into that. We ate a nice feast of spicy tacos and rice and chili  - my husband drummed, we turned out the lights and listened to him drum by the light of the Tree.... then I went off and got the gifts I had wrapped and we exchanged presents.

It was nice.

Blessed Solstice to All


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