Virtual Worlds

I've been spending time in Second Life lately. I was on there quite regularly a few years back, but my little laptop at the time couldn't handle it. My new laptop isn't LOTS better, but it allows me to run SL on low graphics as long as there aren't too many other things going on at the same time. One thing I like is the ability to 'travel' and see places. I'm not a role player, I don't go there to pretend to be someone else, though I know that's why lots of people do go.
Drumming in my drum circle on my Serenity Beach property

I love this little Parcel at Barbados Beach
I'm a resident at Solace Beach Estates on one of their sims Barbados Island. They have many other great places too, like Serenity Beach.
 I was staying there also, it is a lovely wooded area.
Looking at my Asian chair (not sure why) in my place at Serenity Beach
 However it wasn't really a community type place, so I wandered about and found this wonderful Sim called Home of Many Nations:Spirit Nations. (
Relaxing by the fire at Spirit Nations
Quite wonderful timing really because in the past little while I have been working on learning more about the Aboriginal people of the Fraser Valley, which is where I live.

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